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How Lawyers’ Stories Shape Engaging And Relevant Content (with Jessica Aries)

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Jessica Aries is a lawyer turned digital marketer who helps law firms and professional services firms perfect their digital brands online In this episode Jessica helps us take a dive deep into the world of legal marketing and explore the strategies and techniques that help attorneys build their brands attract clients and stand out in a competitive industry We ll be discussing the power of building personal brands on platforms like LinkedIn the evolving landscape of legal marketing in the digital age and the importance of crafting a strong marketing plan Episode Breakdown 00 00 – Unveiling the Power of Legal Marketing Journey into the world of legal marketing with a seasoned attorney as our guide Discover how the legal landscape is transformed by strategic outreach and innovative tactics Get ready to unravel the secrets that can skyrocket your legal practice s success 06 20 – Evolving Legal Marketing Strategies for the Future Dive deep into the changing tides of legal marketing strategies that are tailor-made for the next generation Uncover the blueprints to stay ahead in a dynamic legal world where traditional methods are meeting futuristic approaches head-on 07 45 – The Revolution Legal Firms Embrace Strategic Marketing Witness the groundbreaking shift as legal firms big and small embrace strategic marketing Explore how personal injury lawyers took the lead in the digital frontier sparking a wave of change that s redefining the industry post-COVID Join us in deciphering the essence of building personal brands in the digital realm 13 46 – Beyond the Logo The Face of the Firm Step into the shoes of the firm s poster child understanding how their stories and achievements become the cornerstone of a firm s identity Learn why it s not just about legal prowess but also the power of representation in establishing credibility and trust 16 25 – Unveiling Lawyers Pivotal Experiences Peel back the layers of legal professionals as they reveal pivotal moments that shaped their careers Through candid conversations discover how these experiences become the bedrock of their credibility fostering genuine connections with clients and peers 21 24 – LinkedIn Your Legal Networking Goldmine Explore the untapped potential of LinkedIn as a hub for building invaluable connections within the legal sphere Uncover the art of verifying attorneys expanding your network and harnessing the potency of email collection for strategic outreach 24 37 – The Human Touch in B2B Legal Marketing In a world of automation discover why personalization reigns supreme in B2B legal marketing Decode the strategies that breathe life into client relationships forging genuine human connections that resonate in a tech-driven era 29 43 – Amplifying Legal Content with AI Embark on a journey into the realm of AI-powered ideation and content resonance Learn how cutting-edge technology can elevate your legal content ensuring it speaks directly to your audience s needs and concerns 31 41 – From Lawyer to Marketer Elevating Legal Professionals Join us as we unravel the inspiring journey of a lawyer turned marketer dedicated to empowering legal professionals Discover transformative insights that can help you navigate the marketing landscape with finesse and success Links mentioned https link byaries com moreperfectmarketing https www linkedin com in jessicaaries Click here to visit this podcast episode

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