How To Be The Hero Of Your Own Story With Yvonne Wandera And Shruti Sadana

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Segment 1 Sam welcomes his quest and starts his quotes of the day His first quote talks about resisting change and not being able to appreciate it People try to stay away or rush through the transition Sam helps people see the magic in transition The second quote is Negative emotion is your indicator of resistance while a positive emotion is your indicator of allowance And they are on the same meter allowance resistance Allowance resistance Sam breaks down allowance and resistance with examples Sam says the key is Sam welcomes his quest Yvonne Shruti Sadana both actors Segment 2 Sam interviews Yvonne and Shruti on her childhood on whether they always wanted to be actors They tell there opposing stories on growing up Shruti talks about her first realization that she had made it Yvonne and Shruti talk about how they met and their friendship They both talk about having spirituality in Hollywood and balancing it Sam touches on the MeToo Movement and gets the ladies to take on their opinion if it s too much or not Segment 3 Yvonne talks about the reaction and getting hate mail due to her film She talks about getting hate messages due to her opinions She is teaching young women How to Be the Hero of Your Own Story through the OwnHero tour Launched in January Sam shares a story of a man hackling a Puerto Rican woman on not wearing the American flag Segment 4 Yvonne talks about their tour and where they ll be going They will be doing facebook live events and all Yvonne talks about the challenge she had to overcome to move the process along Shruti talks about being involved with a magazine and another project she cants really talk about Yvonne talks about filming a movie in London right now Click here to visit this podcast episode