How To Be Unstoppable With Frankie Picasso

Now on our new day on The Conscious Consultant Hour Awakening Humanity Sam welcomes Master Coach Trainer and Hypnotherapist Frankie Picasso The Unstoppable Frankie Picasso is a Professional Certified Life Business Relationship and Master Coach Trainer and Hypnotherapist She is also the Founder of The Good Radio Network Radio Host Author Human Rights Activist who specializes in the Impossible Frankie is impact driven and as a Social Entrepreneur she is enthusiastically working on growing her socially conscious radio platform as RADIO That Does a World of Good into a profitable venture for social good Her goal is to shine the spotlight on those in need and use philanthropy to do something about it There are so many under-served communities around the world that need our help and the challenge is to meet those needs and change the world at the social economical political and individual levels Sam and Frankie will discuss how to be unstoppable and get past the fear of change Click here to visit this podcast episode