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Help us welcome the amazing entrepreneur and philanthropist Naveen Jain This guest is as great as they get Mr Jain has tremendous expertise in business and leading an AWESOME life He advocates that we chase our wildest dreams and shoot for the moon Quite literally founding a company that travels to the Moon He emphasizes that we approach life and business in service to others by asking questions such as How can I resolve a problem that will change 1 billion lives In our chat we tackle one of the biggest problems of humanity the onset of illness and diseases After losing his father to pancreatic cancer Mr Jain becomes consumed by the idea of how we can eradicate illness from the world His newest venture Viome is actively preventing these issues by educating people to eat better for a healthier life Tune in to listen to one of the greats nbsp Text us Awesome at 732-860-2450 for updates nbsp Stay Awesome nbsp - The Bros nbsp Click here to visit this podcast episode

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