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Interview With Military Medium Dean McMurray WOW MIND BLOWN 🤯

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What Actually Happens To Us When We Die Can we actually get in touch with those we have lost on the battlefield or if they joined the 22 CLICK LINK BELOW TO WATCH LISTEN BE PREPARED TO BE SHOCKED AT Dean McMurrays story https linktr ee VerticalMomentum During this interview my wife Michele Bruzzi-Kaufman and I were shocked at what he said to us He spent over 24 years serving this great nation How and why he became a psychic medium Omg clocks and pictures flying off the wall Omg his deceased Grandmother did what to him How did his platoon react to his revelation Wait what happened to the vacuum cleaner To reach out to Dean to have a reading done go to www militarymedium com Thank you to our sponsors Kurt Ballash of Ballash Woodworks for making the fines woodworking in the world Thank you TEAM VMNATIO Ginger N David Mavins Of Merchandise Podc Ast Promote R name says it all Daniel Curry Yoda Of I T Patrick Burt The Pope Of SEO William Maitre The MVP Of Branding Kennedy Page The Swami Of Logos Homaira Jahan Sonom The YouTube Matriarch psychicreadings psychicmedium medium richardkaufman thecomebackcoach veterans help — This episode is sponsored by Anchor The easiest way to make a podcast https anchor fm app Click here to visit this podcast episode