Joe Rogan’s Podcast Gets 100 Million Dollar Deal With Podcast By End of 2020

Podcasters, it is simple. Become the number one downloaded podcast in the world and then be offered a $100,000,000 (that is 100 million United States dollars) to move all of your podcast episodes to a single platform for an exclusive deal. Well. Spotify did just that. They offered one hundred million dollars to podcast Joe Rogan which is also a famous comedian and the the first original host of NBC's game show The Fear Factor that was launched in the early 2000's.

Joe Rogan's podcast episodes last an average of 3 hours where most podcasters make their shows an average of 30 to 45 minutes each. That is around two and a half episodes per one episode of Joe Rogan, so maybe we should make our podcast episodes longer since it worked well for Joe Rogan. Those podcast episodes of Rogan average 1.9 billion downloads on iTunes and 3 billion downloads for Rogan's videos on YouTube. However, with this exclusive deal from Spotify, YouTube and iTunes lose a big player in the podcast industry. Spotify's stock price has also jumped from $165 per share to over $189 per share, so if you have stock in Spotify, you are also doing well financially at this moment.

This leads us to believe that our podcasts can also get this exclusive deal. If Joe Rogan's podcast was the number one podcast on Apple iTunes, it makes sense for all podcasters to subscribe to his show and mimic some of the features of his podcasts. Joe Rogan has pulled guest from several industries including the music industry, sports industry, entertainment and even medical professionals. Those guests became even more famous after appearing on his podcast episodes. This is exactly what happened with XM and Sirius with Howard Stern's radio show. Joe Rogan also did live streams as well on YouTube which helped him acquire new fans through YouTube and then he promoted his podcast on iTunes. Joe Rogan's podcast has had Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla), Jordan Jones from Scotland's Rangers football team, comedian Adam Carolla, comedian Amy Schumer, politician Bernie Sanders, boxer Evander Holyfield, rock musician Henry Rollins, comedian Patton Oswalt, musician/songwriter and front man of the hit iconic rock band, Kiss, comedian and actor Pauly Shore and more.

And what about Spotify themselves? Spotify has also earned an additional company value of five billion dollars. Before they announced the exclusive Joe Rogan deal, its annual sales were thirty billion dollars. Now, it is thirty-five billion dollars. This happened in this 48 hours of the announcement with Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan's 100 million dollar U.S. deal has raised 5 billion dollars for just that measly 100 millions dollars. Well, one hundred millions is not measly to us, but compared to how much Spotify made, it is small and it was enough to make it attractive to Joe Rogan to remove his podcast episodes from Apple iTunes.

The next question is will Apple retaliate and offer Rogan a better deal. We all know that Apple is a more valuable company than Spotify, but for how long. Spotify is now going to pull iTunes fans away and just for one man's podcast. Can YOUR podcast do this in the future? Can YOU also increase your episodes to at least one hour?

Here are some of the takeaways from Joe Rogan's Podcast:

Also Have a Podcast Guest

We notice on the New York City Podcast Network that over 80% of the podcasts are only the hosts. The truth is that after a while, hosts become boring to their subscribers without a guest, because the same voice over and over can become monotonous. Having a guest is one of the best methods to break up the boredom. Should you pay your podcast guest? Unless they are famous, there is no need to. If a podcast guest wants to charge you money, it is up to you to decide whether or not to pay them. If yo do not pay and you have enough subscribers, as an alternative, you are giving them lots of exposure for their business or music.

The Best Podcasts Have Dynamic Hosts And Have Fun Just like the Radio DJs Do Every Morning

You have listened to the radio shows in the morning. The DJs are not just paying music. They are reiterating news events, local professional sports teams, and cracking jokes. We should do the same thing on our podcasts. We hear a lot of podcasters projecting a monotone voices on every episode. Listeners want dynamic hosts that have fun and laughter, because laughter is contagious. 

Put Your Podcast On YouTube and Create Videos

A podcast does not just have to be in audio format. Joe Rogan also has YouTube videos for his podcast episodes and over one million subscribers on YouTube. Now, he just needs to create one video to drive his subscribers over to his new home on Spotify and Spotify itself picks up all those subscribers at an average of $9.99 per month which comes out over over 10 millions per month just in monthly fees.