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John Bartolo Interviews Sports Figures With a Twist

If you are looking for a podcast that interviews guests and has fun doing it, you need to tur to the John Bartolo Show at – The podcast interviews everyone from mixed martial arts to boxing to hunting to NRA (National Rifle Association) and more. John also has a good podcast voice that keeps you posted all the way through. With over 1,000 5-star reviews on Apple Podcasts, you know this is a podcast that people love.  They have interviewed everyone from Donald Trump Jr to Jack Brewer.

Episodes last between 60 to 75 minutes on average and the guests talk about their lives, situations, and how to view life. One of our favorite episodes is the most recent one with ER Nurse Katie Bebebrat who told the story of how she had to purchase a gun to protect herself from her boyfriend and Tom DeBlass – Black Belt how. The Tom DeBlass episode was interesting to listen to how Tom sees his kids, life, growing up, controlling your life through diet.

We also listened to the episode Donald Trump Jr. – Liberal Privilege and his book that he published as well as his father’s campaign against President Joe Biden. Getting people like Donald Trump Jr proves that this is an accomplished podcast.

You can get the John Bartolo Podcast At These Online Locations: