Live Your Happy With Maria Felipe

This week on The Conscious Consultant Hour Sam welcomes Author Maria Felipe Maria Felipe is the author of the new book Live Your Happy Get Out of Your Own Way and Find the Love Within After a successful acting career that resulted in dozens of appearances in national commercials hosting successful TV shows including World Wrestling Federation and traveling the world as a model Maria felt called inward and became a Reverend with Pathways of Light a school inspired by A Course in Miracles Maria has her own channel on YouTube with MariaCoconut TV a show designed to share and expand the message of love by interviewing other spiritual leaders She s also appeared as a motivational speaker on TV shows and news programs for Univison Telemundo and CNN Before she was an author and a minister Reverend Maria Felipe was an actress a model and a TV host with a fabulous French boyfriend She appeared in national commercials was the first ever Latina boxing announcer and interviewed World Wrestling Federation competitors in front of audiences of twenty thousand people People Magazine in Espanol even referred to her as Una Campeona Sin rival which means a champion without rival But through it all she felt insecure unworthy and downright miserable All that began to change when she began to study a book called A Course in Miracles ACIM and eventually went on to get her ministerial certificate from an ACIM school known as Pathways of Light This self-study spiritual thought system helps students develop a relationship with the internal teacher it calls the Holy Spirit which in turn helps us change how we see the world on a daily basis writes Maria This shift in perception is what ACIM calls a miracle In Live Your Happy Get Out of Your Own Way and Find the Love Within Maria shares more than twenty years of experience studying and living the principles from ACIM This is not a philosophic explanation of the Course It is a practical hands-on guide for actually living it This week we have special guest Maria Felipe the author of the new book Live Your Happy Get Out of Your Own Way and Find Love Within After very successful careers in acting modeling and even hosting some very popular tv shows she turned to becoming a reverend Now she has a very popular youtube channel and is a motivational speaker for many different people and tv shows From a young age she was both highly spiritual and a very into acting But she didn t want to be Catholic Because she went to a Catholic School she saw what she thought were flaws and from a very young age rejected the beliefs So she turned to a unity church What made her go back was the fact that she was unhappy When she was working for the WWF she wasn t enjoying it This made her turn back to the church and become a reverend Now an accomplished author and actor she is a very prominent figure in the world today Click here to visit this podcast episode