Living Well Despite Adversity With Harriet Cabelly

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SPECIAL BROADCAST OnThe Conscious Consultant Hour Sam welcomes Social Worker and Positive Psychology Coach Harriet Cabelly Harriet counsels clients as they cope and grow beyond their grief and painful circumstances She is one of the coaching experts on WOR radio show Change Your Attitude Change Your Life and has appeared on ABC and Fox news as a parenting coach She is the author ofLiving Well Despite Adversity Inspiration for Finding Renewed Meaning and Joy in Your Life her first book and a most meaningful project Sam and Harriet will discuss her book and exactly what is Positive Psychology This week Sam interviews Harriet Cabelly to discuss her book Living Well Despite Adversity Segment 1 Sam shares the quotes of the day from the universe and Abraham Comparing your life to the lives of others The benefit of adversity Harriet Cabelly joins the show to talk about her book Living Well Despite Adversity and grief loss Segment 2 How society deals with grief in unhealthy ways Giving ourselves permission to feel How parents don t allow their children to feel and acknowledge negative feelings Harriet discusses what positive psychology is and being a positive psychology coach Common strategies used in positive psychology Segment 3 The choices we have in life Breaking away from the victim complex How to cope and grow from adversity How our happiness is based on our genetics input circumstance How we add in negativity to our lives through our input Segment 4 What inspired Harriet to write the book Harriet shares her story of how she made a meaningful journey out of a bad situation Which story from her book is the one that touched Harriet the most The power of the and How positive psychology helps those dealing with disabilitiesClick here to visit this podcast episode