Love, Faith, And A Pair Of Pants

NEW EPISODE Love Faith and A Pair of Pants This Thursday on The Conscious Consultant Hour Sam welcomes film-maker and author Herb Freed Herb Freed author of the timeless love story Bashert returns to the page in Love Faith and A Pair of Pants with a collection of short stories about the smart witty spiritual and according to Ben s mother incredibly handsome Rabbi Ben Zelig In five anecdotes about a rabbi s life Zelig navigates romance family ties colorful congregants and the meaning of faith From studying for the rabbinate under legendary Jewish theologian Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel to producing and directing Hollywood films and dancing with Martha Graham Freed extracts from his own experience to weave a colorful and universal tale of life love and spirituality In a time where humanity is constantly put to the test Freed takes readers from humor to pathos and back again in an uplifting examination of what it means to be human He has directed and produced 15 feature films most of which have had psychological spiritual and or social themes in spite of their commercial categories He is best known for Graduation Day andTomboy as well as the taut thriller Haunts and Child2Man a story of survival during the Watts riots Segment 1 Sam opens the show with his quote of the day from Abraham Hicks Sam goes on to talk about the challenges he faced in his life and how they are not as bad as we think Sam discusses that we need to look for the gift in each challenge and not be so concerned about things Sam introduces film-maker and author Herb Freed author of the book Love Faith and A Pair of Pants Herb talks about many people asking him how do you know when you found your soul mate and Herb says you don t know your heart knows Segment 2 Sam talks about where he grew up in the Bronx and Herb talks about meeting his mentor Abraham Heschel and his journey becoming a Rabbi Herb discusses the close relationship he had with Abraham and what kind of person he was Herb says Abraham was able to make people feel good and always had a smile on his face Herb also talks about his own enjoyment of theater directing and dancing and how he came to love film Herb mentions his experiences with losses in his life and finding things that made him smile helped him to heal He states that people need to listen to people that inspire them and find things that make them happy Segment 3 Herb discusses how he began writing and how writing made him happy Herb talks about his latest book Love Faith and A pair of Pants Herb says its about a Rabbi falling in love with a women who is not Jewish The book is also about faith love and getting to know yourself Sam mentions how difficult it is for people to feel acceptance in their own country and Herb talks about the similarities in culture in the Jewish and Chinese communities Segment 4 In closing the show Sam tells his listeners to go out and purchase the new book by Herb Love Faith and A Pair of Pants Herb says we are our brothers keepers and talks about the tumultuous times we are living in Herb says we are surrounded by anger hate and lies but we need to hope for things to get better Sam talks about the demonizing people who have different opinions and how divided the nation is at the moment We need to look for things that bring us together and know we have much more in common than we do apart Herb states we have the power to change and we can evolve He mentions that we need to read things that inspire us and care about other people Click here to visit this podcast episode