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Men Desire A Compliment NOT A COMPETITOR

Many women think that in order to attract the type of man they want they should make themselves exactly into the type of person THEY want to be with This is not the best strategy to have nbsp 21st Century western society has convinced both genders to act more similar to each other and this has done a number on dating and relationships nbsp In this podcast episode we discuss the fact that men desire a compatible match that is different from them not a twin nbsp We discuss the biological differences between men and women the big 5 personality traits nbsp femininity and masculinity and their relationship to each other and other elements of your personality you should develop enhance to be more desirable to men nbsp If you want to know more about the type of personalities men love the most OR if you want to know the essence mindset and traits that will increase your chances of getting the successful man you desire this podcast is for you — This episode is sponsored by Anchor The easiest way to make a podcast https anchor fm app — Send in a voice message https anchor fm whatizhethinking message Support this podcast https anchor fm whatizhethinking supportClick here to visit this podcast episode