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Monday Labor Day Weekend Show. We Pay Homage To The Great Late Chadwick Boseman! Wakanda Forever!

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This week Nick and Reg discuss the passing of the late great Black Panther Star Chadwick Boseman and the stories that are now coming to the surface that are shedding more light on his kept secret and how much of a true hero is was Also we talk about Jessica Krug an Associate Professor at George Washington University that assumed the heritage and ethnicity of a black and hispanic woman Sounds like Rachel Dolezal to me all over again Also we discuss and try to understand the California SB 145 As well as the GMM yes genetically modified mosquitoes This and much much more — This episode is sponsored by Anchor The easiest way to make a podcast https anchor fm app — Send in a voice message https anchor fm bro-rantz message Support this podcast https anchor fm bro-rantz supportClick here to visit this podcast episode