Monthly Edition August 2014

Complied from the entire month s Time Capsule episodes the August edition has a look at the movies of the month Guardians Of The Galaxy and Sin City A Dame To Kill For with cast and director interviews I also preview Maze Runner From The Strain are Guillermo del Toro Carlton Cuse and Sean Astin There s some comments from Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs of the Walking Dead on the love bite scene Plus some Teen Wolf fun at their roundtables Eric Dane and John Piper-Ferguson Of The Last Ship Sharknado 2 and Kevin Murphy of Defiance Bonus comments include Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo comment on the new Avengers movie My conversations include composer Tyler Bates of Guardians Of The Galaxy composer James Levine of American Horror Story and Zachary Quinto ZacharyQuinto GuardiansOfTheGalaxy AmericanHorrorStory TheWalkingDeadClick here to visit this podcast episode