New York City Podcast Guest Exchange

If you are a business owner and would like to sign up to be invited as a guest on podcasts, click here to get the details and submit your information.

To all podcasters listed on the New York City Podcast Network, we are proud to launch the new New York City Podcast Guest Exchange and offer a new way to make your content more dynamic with more people, co-hosts, and podcast guests. Podcast guests bring new dimensions to your podcast and offer your audience members more content so they always have something to look forward to.

How can I find guests for my podcast?

Even the most successful podcasts need guests in order to keep subscribers engaged with new content, commentaries, interviews, and dynamic people. It is hard to contact business owners who are looking to advertise their businesses as social media can also be competitive and performed incorrectly, resulting in little or no results. This is where the New York City Podcast Network’s new podcast guest exchange comes in. We match small and medium business owners with podcasts that match their industries. With the podcast guest exchange on the New York City Podcast Network, podcasters can search for the exact type of guest they need and then fill out a submission form that allows us to match your podcast up with an appropriate guest for your shows.

Where Can I Find a Suitable Guest for My Podcast?

On the podcast guest exchange, podcasters can simply browse the list and click the photograph of their potential podcast guest. Clicking will reveal more details about that podcast guest and display a contact form that podcasters can fill out to invite the potential guest. It will be up to the guest to accept the invitation. The podcaster’s contact information will be sent to the guest so the connection can be completed.
Available Guest For Your Podcast: Linda Balliro | New York City Podcast Network

Linda Balliro

Linda Balliro, Voice teacher, vocal coach, speaker, presenter and author of “Being A Singer, the Art, Craft and Science.” Ms. Balliro’s teaching and coaching skills have been forged over two decades as an Associate Professor of Voice at Berklee College of Music since 2014, Vienna Conservatory of Music from 2003-2006, and as a private voice teacher and vocal coach, in Boston and globally via remote teaching, since 2007. Ms. Balliro has successfully trained professional touring artists, college students, young professionals, recreational singers, kids and teens,...Read More
Available Guest For Your Podcast: Orlando Wimbush | New York City Podcast Network

Orlando Wimbush

I am the promoter and booking for Silly Comedy Entertainment. We do fundraiser, festivals, Competitons, club booking, private parties. Silly comedy also put on event to give back to the community like feed the hungry comedy show!!! It was called comics giving back for a cause. All proceed went to the food banks. Future projects is silly comedy tour in six cities and states, and Comedy awards. We our also collaborated with other entertainers to come together in a comedy movement....Read More
Available Guest For Your Podcast: Monica Bennett | New York City Podcast Network

Monica Bennett

Monica Bennett is an empowerment coach, teaching the laws of nature to live in joy and harmony with the self, the community and the world. She gives mind-set training talks and workshops for corporations, groups and businesses. She also has a doctorate degree in Naturopathy, is a Certified Reflexologist, Certified Nia dancer, and a Certified biodynamic gardener. ...Read More
Available Guest For Your Podcast: John C. Morley | New York City Podcast Network

John C. Morley

I'm John C. Morley and the Founder, CEO of The JMOR Connection, Inc now a 28+ year company in Franklin Lakes, NJ. When I was in college not too long ago; I realized that many were frustrated with technology but also being given bad advice. No matter whether you have never touched technology or use it daily my team and I will help you as we Make IT Easy. During 7th Grade I started one of NJ's larges BBS Systems to build community before their was a internet with fancy formatted pages and graphics usual forms. I am also the President of The Franklin Lakes Chamber of Comm...Read More
Available Guest For Your Podcast: Andrew Pandolfo – Financial Advisor | New York City Podcast Network

Andrew Pandolfo – Financial Advisor

Andrew is passionate about helping people and their families find answers to the questions that keep them up at night. Andrew began his career in Finance more than 10 years ago, and has steadily climbed the ladder. At his most recent position Andrew was responsible for providing custom tailored solutions to financial advisors and their clients. Andrew enjoyed working with financial advisors to help educate their clients. He believes that making a difference in someone’s life starts with educating and collaborating with them. As a financial advisor Andrew is a res...Read More
Available Guest For Your Podcast: Adrian Miller | New York City Podcast Network

Adrian Miller

Adrian Miller is President and Founder of Adrian Miller Sales Training, a sales consulting organization that she launched more than 30 years ago.   She is also a professional speaker, trainer and author (“The Blatant Truth: 50 Ways to Sales Success” and “The Blatant Truth: How to Not Screw Up the Customer Service Game”). Adrian’s byline also appears in many business publications.   Adrian specializes in designing and delivering highly customized sales and customer service skills training programs that are practical, results-driven and pr...Read More
Available Guest For Your Podcast: Eileen Lichtenstein | New York City Podcast Network

Eileen Lichtenstein

Eileen Lichtenstein is Your Peak Performance Success Coach for Your Life, Career and Family! When you work with Eileen you will experience the freedom and peace of leading a balanced life. Promoting Optimal Wellness and Productivity in Your Life: Eileen Lichtenstein Personal Development for your best self A life free of worry and anxiety Easy and effortless relationships Improved self-esteem Healthy and well-adjusted mind and body When you work with Eileen you will experience the freedom and peace of leading a balanced life. She will guide into...Read More
Available Guest For Your Podcast: Megan Hope | New York City Podcast Network

Megan Hope

Megan Hope is an artist, story editor, writer, and producer with experience in magazines, newspapers, television, and film. She has a master's degree from the prestigious Newhouse school of communication in television radio and film. Her range of strategic planning and development skills has made her a successful manager, producer, and artist, in entertainment, print, and traditional network news formats as well as television and movie production. Megan has earned a reputation for helping to produce and oversee groundbreaking and experimental shows for televis...Read More
Available Guest For Your Podcast: Bruce Chamoff | New York City Podcast Network

Bruce Chamoff

Bruce Chamoff is a technology, marketing, and music guru. He is available for podcasts of all genres, but is looking for podcasts of music, technology, business, food, and social media. He has helped many podcasters get started in podcasting and helps with monetizing, editing, and promotion. He is also a musician and recording artist with five albums on Spotify and iTunes. Bruce also enjoys publish speaking and has spoken in New York City, Seattle, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Kansas City, Cleveland (Kent, Ohio), and Vancouver....Read More