New Yorkers Are Turning to Podcasts for Advice on COVID-19 and Coronavirus Pandemic Support

If you are looking for podcasts on COVID-19, Coronavirus, and social distancing, the New York City Podcast Network has over 20 different podcast episodes from popular podcasts including Nurse's Order from 6IX & Friends. 

So many podcasters are affected as well as their listener numbers and subscriber base are increasing due to Google search for advice on Coronavirus, COVID-19 and proper procedures for social distancing including the 6-feet apart rule and the mandatory guideline to wear face masks. With the United States now showing over 100,000 deaths as of May 28, 2020, podcasters are reaching out and spreading their own message across the nation as well as the state of New York. Farah talks

If you want to learn more about how podcasters are providing their opinions and support for COVID19, some of the podcasters listed on the New York City Podcast network are also publishing various episodes right now.

Check out the New Investor Podcast's with Farah Jaber episode at called The Future Of Doing Business W/ Bill Bice, Founder & CEO Of BoomTime which talks about var, Bill Bice became a partner on the Birch Fund and put together a software platform called Fuse.Bill is a programmer and in this episode, Farah and Bill discuss issues with marketing during Coronavirus pandemic. Another episode of the New Investor with Farah Jaber is How To Get Organized During Your Quarantine? at Farah talks about her investments and how she lost some of them because of COVID19 and how to review her cost structure by buying in bulk if this crisis lasts. She talks about seed investments in consumer-based services.

The podcast Open Source Podcast with Tony Mottley has a new episode talking about the college landscape and educational trends with a new podcast episode called U Of M Professor Tim Kiska On The Changing Educational Landscape Because Of The COVID-19 Pandemic. He interviews guests on their opinion on the COVID19 pandemic at with a focus on Michigan University. He discusses student safety. They talk about the widespread job loss as the United States faces a higher unemployment rate than the entire population of Australia. They discuss life with COVID19 and if we will still be alive in September 2020 and how online life will be. Discussions also span talking online courses.

The truth about podcast during a pandemic like COVID-19

During a crisis where we cannot leave our homes and need to wear a face mask, life becomes a drag very fast. It becomes boring, but for podcasters, that is not a problem. We just podcast more. We simply publish more episodes. With more New Yorkers turning to online entertainment because of the cancellations of professional sporting events and concerts, we need more entertainment to keep life interesting. Do we watch more TV including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTube? Those platforms offer the same old shows and tons of reruns that after binge watching, most people get bored real fast and long for vacations, beaches, and a chance to hang out with their friends. During a pandemic like Covid-19, that is just not possible, so we need fresh new content. Podcasters are the way to that new content. AND, we SHOULD be including at least one or two episodes about COVID-19, Coronavirus, and social distancing, because this is what people, especially New Yorkers are looking for.

Consumers are looking for support, advice, and just for new friends that they can find online in addition to their normal list of friends on Facebook and Instagram. At the New York City Podcast Network and the Long Island Podcast Network, we have heard dozens of podcasts and most podcasters are not addressing this global issue. If at least one of your podcast episodes does not include something about the current trends, you miss out on a lot of followers and subscribers. With COVID-19, it is predicted to come back in the Fall of 2020. That gives podcasters are great opportunity to prepare now to join the revolution in eradicating the COVID-19 pandemic for people who need help, advice, and support.

We look forward to hearing and getting new advice from all of the podcasters on the New York City Podcast Network and other podcast networks, because this is what makes podcasters the strongest and what makes podcasting so popular, the rewards that come with offering support, help, and advice to those who need it.