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Not Your Typical Sheriff, Chitwood’s Definitely A Bro!!

We sit and have a causal table talk with newly reelected 2nd Term Volusia County Sheriff Michael Chitwood He talks about his earlier days as a beat cop in Philly how he got into law enforcement and that originally it wasn t really something he wanted to pursue We also learned that he had a scholarship to play baseball in college and that he partied too hard while pursuing his childhood dream He talks about his first arrest that happens to sound like a punchline to a joke with a Pastor getting robbed by a hooker and her pimp He also talks about why him and one of the greatest influential basketball players of all time don t get along too well former Philadelphia Seventy Sixer Allen Iverson Sheriff Chitwood informs us that he and his dad Michael Chitwood Sr which was also formerly in law enforcement started off as arch enemies but now they are the best of friends Talks about just because things are Lawful don t mean they re not awful How officers went from guardians of the community to a warrior mentality and how he s trying to bring that perception back We really hope you enjoy this very insightful interview Let me just paint a picture we had technical difficulties which happened to be a mute button on the sound board And Sheriff Chitwood was so patient with us and understanding Mind you this took approximately 5 mins and he kept his cool and showed not one sign of frustration Just an example of his character so when the interview starts you see us figuring out the issue on our end I felt it was a great precursor for the tone of the interview Hope you all enjoy Please Follow us on all of our platforms https linktr ee Bro Rantz Copyright photo Jordan Blumetti — This episode is sponsored by Anchor The easiest way to make a podcast https anchor fm app — Send in a voice message https anchor fm bro-rantz message Support this podcast https anchor fm bro-rantz supportClick here to visit this podcast episode