One of the most popular sports podcast

The Gimme the Hot Sauce podcast talks about sports and current events. With podcast episodes that are mostly about basketball and some about football, if you are a professional basketball and love NBA games, this is certainly the podcast that sports fans should subscribe to. Stacey King is the brain child behind this podcast and this podcast is edited like a real radio show, so when I listen to it, I always feel like I am listening to a real sports cast, so this is not just podcast. It is a REAL cast that has the history of the radio. With episodes on famous sports teams including the Chicago Bulls, Milwaukee Bucks, and other sports teams, Stacey has amazing guests that are all experts in their own interest of sports including famous personalities from ESPN and other famous sports outlet. This is not just sports, it is a show where Stacey and guests have fun playing music and having some laughs. Episodes are once per week on an average of new episodes every 5 to 7 days.

Some of our favorite episodes:

Stacey King’s Gimme The Hot Sauce – Episode 14

Being a football fan, Episode 14 – talked about the Cubs (yes, we are baseball fans too), but it was the Super Bowl LV predictions that got me interested and some of the predictions were for Kansas City and some were for Tampa, so if you listened then, it could have been anyone’s game at the time and the wish for New England Patriot fans wanting Tom Brady back. The also talk about the historic halftime shows includingin the risque with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson.

Stacey King’s Gimme The Hot Sauce – Episode 18

This highlighted podcast episode was released on March 3 and already has over 750 downloads. That is EXCELLENT for under 2 weeks. This episode introduces new music! The gang discusses Nikola Jokic’s demolition of the Bulls and Bucks and a visit from long-time Bulls beat reporter Nick Friedell.  This episode also brings back the 70s and they go behind the scenes of live Bulls game broadcasts.