Out Of The Doghouse With Author Robert Weiss

This week Sam welcomes author Robert Weiss to the studio As a relationship expert Robert specializes in infidelity and addictions in particular sex porn and love addictions An internationally acknowledged clinician he has served as an expert for multiple media outlets including The Oprah Winfrey Network The New York Times The Los Angeles Times The Daily Beast and CNN among others He is the author of several highly regarded books including his most recent Out of the Doghouse A Step-by-Step Relationship Saving Guide for Men Caught Cheating His other books include Sex Addiction 101 Sex Addiction 101 The Workbook and Cruise Control Understanding Sex Addiction in Gay Men He is also the co-author with Dr Jennifer Schneider of Closer Together Further Apart and Always Turned On Sex Addiction in the Digital Age Robert Weiss expert for media outlets CNN to the Oprah network He is a author as well with books of Sex addiction in the Digital Era and Out Of the Dog House A Step By Step Relationship Saving Guide for Men Caught Cheating Robert sex and therapist expert works with lots of unfaithful couples Robert had emotional issues which led him to explore himself sexually The sex problem he had was more of an emotional one His clients have had multiple issues of something in the household which led couples to be unfaithful He has worked with people who had sex addictions in the office or lost jobs because of porn addiction Robert s book is to try and repair the relationship that s already broken It focuses on the guy trying to get the girl back That from a guys perspective he has to get the reason as to why Guys cheat because of immaturity Guys just want to have fun and think that sleeping around then they hurt the girl Open communication is key if you are having feelings towards someone that isn t your spouse just be open and admit you are having feelings towards someone else Cheating will cause the women to be a detective going through your phone social media bank statements Since the trust was broken the cheater loses all try of their right to privacy The cheater feels that they still need privacy They won t get the privacy they want If the guy cheats and gets away with it then now he is holding a secret which may or may not be revealed Then it s up to him to be honest and come out with it What is cheating its simply keeping secrets in a relationship The secrets that are kept ruins the relationship Cheating comes with a lot of up and downs and lots of side effects Women see the bigger picture when the person cheats they talk about what moments were real how did it effect the family Guys don t think that way we think on the surface and downplay everything Robert is working on a workbook for the book In the Dog House The workbook is to be a self reflection test The workbook version is not a work book for cheating it s a workbook on reflection If cheating comes out of being mature then the workbook is to self reflect and get your emotions in order and your relationship Click here to visit this podcast episode