Overcoming Acute And Chronic Pain With Sebhia Marie Dibra

On a new episode of The Conscious Consultant Hour Awakening Humanity Sam welcomes Author Sebhia Marie Dibra On today s episode of the Conscious Consultant Hour Sam invites Sebhia Marie Dibra biofeedback retreat facilitator and the co-author of Overcoming Acute and Chronic Pain with friend of the station Dr Marc Micozzi Following our traditional quotes from the Universe and Abraham Sam and Sebhia discuss the cellular aspects of modern supplements and healing procedures How does a higher power fit into issues of healing and addiction Is this higher power an internal or an external force and how do we as sapient beings choose to interact with it Sebhia believes that that childhood experiences shape nearly every aspect of the adult mind but that cognizance of experiences and meditation can change how those experiences are perceived in the adult mind Emotional intelligence and the ability to channel energy beyond the body is profiled in-depth Chronic pain and healthcare-related costs of it cost hundreds of billions in the United States each year and she believes that the modern medical landscape is woefully ineffective at actually treating the root causes The difference between mindfulness and meditation is also discussed with one or both of them acting as a facilitator for changing one s life Sam and Sebhia break down the clinical difference between acute and chronic pain and the different approaches that may be needed for each People can use an included questionnaire in the book in order to point themselves into the proper modality for healing The metaphor of the flow and how to roll with it in different aspects of life is given a discussion as well Are negative emotions issues of inner alignment or can they be channeled into something more useful How can pain knock us out of our alignment and sow inner discord Sebhia also profiles her writing process alongside Dr Micozzi as it was her first foray into the world of writing a book Finally Sam talks about how pain is an output of the brain as opposed to an input from a location on the body while Sebhia profiles her personal self-upkeep methods to stay centered and in alignment In order to truly help others you need to be aligned with yourself Click here to visit this podcast episode