Overcoming Fear To Live A Life Of Purpose – Gamal Harding

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Gamal Harding is a financial services industry veteran who led multiple teams for Fortune 100 companies and left his job to pursue real estate He is now a property management executive and co-founder of Dream Living Homes and 10x Property Management in the Columbus OH metro markets I enjoyed hearing about his entrepreneurial spirit and how he balanced his side hustle with his main hustle before ultimately having to choose a path Gamal has a had twenty plus year career in the corporate world serving the financial services industry in a variety of capacities Some of his professional experiences include a myriad of roles in the banking and insurance industry where he has provided leadership to financial service teams financial advisory to small businesses program and process engineering consulting as well as corporate strategy consulting Stay connected with our GuestConnect with Gamal Harding on LinkedIn and at 10x Property ManagementSupport the ShowKey topics discussed Time Stamps 03 10 Gamal describes some of his professional passions over the course of his career 05 30 Gamal describes his entrepreneurial journey even getting a chance to pitch to Daymond John from Shark Tank 09 53 How did the pandemic affect you 13 24 Why Gamal left his job and how the pandemic enabled his shift to fully run and scale his business 17 01 How taking the plunge affected him and the role fear has played 20 00 What is Dream Living Homes and 10x Property Management 22 40 A 5-step framework for listeners to think about if they re looking to transition roles 27 48 Impact of Gamal s work for the future 30 13 Closing thoughts amp resources 30 48 Thankful to Brian for his efforts in creating this forum Visit Us Why I LeftSubscribe on Apple Podcasts Spotify and YouTube RSS feed Why I Left RSSFollow us Instagram OfficialWhyILeftTwitter WhyILeft Facebook OfficialWhyILeft WhyILeftPodcast GreatResignation Podcast WellnessWhy I Left is created using Riverside which makes it easy to record podcasts and video interviews that look and sound great Riverside paid link Did you enjoy this episode If so rate it 5 stars and share with your community We d love your feedback Support the show

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