Pod Safe Music Is Back in New York City Ready For Podcasts

In 2005 when podcasting first became popular, started by MTV video disk jockey Adam Curry, it is a new and strange tool. People can now have their own audio and video shows featuring many episodes just like television episodes. Podcasting featured shows in all types of genres including sports, technology, business, music, entertainment, finance, comedy and more. The most popular category for podcasts was music. Podcasters can easily create their own radio shows featuring any genre of music from rock, hip hop, country, heavy metal, and even classical. The big question is where would podcasters get this music in the first place and are they allowed to play it without being sued for copyright infringement? Enter pod safe music. What is this strange new phenomenon in the music and podcasting? It is a great way for musicians to market their original music and get it in front of subscribers and followers of popular podcasts. Pod safe music was amazing because it created marketplaces between songwriters and podcasters. It created a way for people to start music podcasts and immediately have their own own selection of music. The Pod Safe Music Network was the first website to pull this off. The website provided the market place needed. Songwriters can list their music to be previewed and downloaded by podcasters to be featured on their own episodes. The pod safe music network made MP3s available to podcasters for a free download. It was a perfect solution for musicians to market their music and make it free for podcasters to play on their podcast episodes without worry about copyright infringement or being sued. Unfortunately, due to a lack of money-making strategies, the pod safe music network did not remain as a website. The New York City Podcast Network has brought that back and continued where the pod safe music network left off. We are now allowing musicians to add their music and make them available for download for podcasters to play on their podcast episodes. We have brought back this exciting marketplace between songwriters and podcasters.

Let's Talk About How This Works for Both Podcasters and Songwriters/Recording Artists

Free Music For Podcasters Without Worrying About Copyright Infringement

If you need music for your podcast, it is a great way to break up content from just talk and conversation. The problem with podcasts that are all talk is they do become boring after a while. Listeners and subscribers fo need a break every couple of minutes, especially for podcasts that are a length of at least 30 to 45 minutes. Music is the perfect way to do it. Can you play just any music? Unfortunately not. You cannot just play Stairway to Heaven From Led Zeppelin or any music from Lady Gaga. In those cases, you would need to obtain a license from the Harry Fox Agency and even then, you are limited to the music of plays you can have. Instead, you need a good way to obtain copyright-free music for your podcast episodes. You need to get it quickly. The Pod Safe music page at New York City Podcast Network is the way to do just that. You simply preview the music from SoundCloud, YouTube, or other popular music platforms and then download it through the New York City Podcast Network's Pod Safe Music Page.

How to Look for Pod Safe Music on the New York City Podcast Network

If you are a podcaster and are already listed on the New York City Podcast Network, visit our pod safe music page at https://nycpodcastnetwork.com/podsafe-music-and-clips/ and browse the many YouTube videos, SoundCloud players, and other music formats and then click the download link. You will get an MP3 and can incorporate this into your podcast episode. The musician and recording artist has already agreed to allow podcasters to play their original music on any podcast.

More exposure for songwriters, recording artists, and musicians

If you are looking to get your original music more exposure, you now have access to millions of people through the large audiences of over one hundred podcasts listed in the New York City area on the New York City podcast network. Your music will be ready for download as an MP3 for podcasters to include on their own podcats episodes and shows. This is BIG promotion for that hit single or music video that you have been wanting to show to the world, maybe even get picked up by a famous music producer or record company. Our preferred method is SoundCloud's platform since it is easy to set up as a download. ANy song uploaded to SoundCloud can be downloaded by a simple setting on SoundCloud. Podcasters will have the exact link to your music and be able to download your MP3s for their podcast episodes. It is the perfect win-win situation for all. We are following in the tradition of the pod safe music network from 2005 that survived till the year 2010. Musicians were able to upload their music and podcasters were able to download the MP3 versions of their music. Now you have this same opportunity through the New York City Podcast Network website at https://nycpodcastnetwork.com/podsafe-music-and-clips/ - The first step is to specify where podcasters can preview and download your music. You can send us your song here. The price is $5 per week or $15 per month as of this writing. Prices are always subject to change, so take advantage of this now. Once your music is listed, podcasters will come and preview your music and if they want to include your music on their podcasts, they can visit the link you provide (preferably SoundCloud) and download your music which will be in the format of an MP3. They then have the ability to import your MP3 into their recording software which may be ProTools, Audacity, or any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). We welcome all genres including hip hop, hard rock, pop, disco, country, classical, new age, new wave, alternative, and any other type of music. All types of music are welcome, becuase you never know if there is a specific podcaster looking for your music.