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Blurred Wisdom is the bad advice podcast. With a sense of purpose and clarity that can only be achieved through the consumption of fine malt whiskey, our panel of three, steeped in harsh life lessons, attempt to solve listener problems with practical, honest and often bad advice. We get an injection of common sense, if you can call it that, from our friendly AI chat bot who also gives her take on the question. We decide who gave the best advice and then move on to solve more unsolvable riddles. Along the way we weave in a plethora of anecdotes and observations to lighten the mood or just back up our argument. Come and join us for an episode or two. See you at the bar!
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Ep 2 Trailer - Ladies Night

Published 08/31/2023
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Ep 2 Ladies Night

Published 08/31/2023
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Mucus Circus

Published 07/01/2023
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