Brain Jail is a place where the ex-churched Kevin Tienken, Jace Avery & Ben Avery can comedically talk about whatever they want… and then feel guilty about it. Three comics stricken with guilt over almost everything they find hilarious. We feel bad but want to make you laugh so… we’re sorry? I guess, but also you’re welcome. Brain Jail
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Planet Girth

Published 10/18/20

Midnight Magwai

Published 10/11/20

Dueling Momma's

Published 10/04/20

World Star Dot Com

Published 09/27/20

Mark Zuckerturd

Published 09/20/20

Ann Coltergeist

Published 09/13/20

Wet Dreams May Come

Published 09/06/20

Meat Wave

Published 08/30/20

The Truth About Brian Peppers

Published 08/23/20

The MetaMortyPhus

Published 08/16/20

The Very Best Of Rush Limbaugh

Published 08/09/20

Here's Another Bad Opinion

Published 08/02/20

Broke Sack Mountain Part 1

Published 07/26/20

Wild 'N Gout

Published 07/19/20

Office Race

Published 07/12/20

Galaxy Brain Jail

Published 07/05/20

Law & Order Special Education Unit

Published 06/28/20

Xtreme Teen Bible!

Published 06/21/20

Three Cuckateers

Published 06/14/20

Hannah Gadsby Douglas

Published 06/06/20

Sad Boyz II

Published 05/31/20

Turd Land

Published 05/24/20

Kangaroo Jack Off

Published 05/17/20

Spider Cop

Published 05/10/20

Breaking Dad

Published 05/03/20

We Love Men

Published 04/26/20

Super Smashed Bros

Published 04/19/20

Forrest Dump

Published 04/12/20

The Only Actually Good Podcast

Published 04/06/20

Listen Here Trunk!

Published 04/03/20

Wuhan's Line Is It Anyway?

Published 03/29/20

Pooper Tuesday Bonus Episode!

Published 03/24/20

Hot Boxing The Quarantine

Published 03/22/20

It's The End Of The World As We Blow It

Published 03/15/20

Black Hole Dumb

Published 03/08/20

Pedder Salad

Published 03/01/20

Sonic The Shrek Hog

Published 02/23/20

Penis Butt Turd Falcon

Published 02/16/20

Westminster Hog Show

Published 02/09/20

Kobe Dick

Published 02/02/20

Sega GenderCis

Published 01/26/20

The Devil & Ben Avery

Published 01/19/20

Cry Baby

Published 01/12/20

The Best Little Mustache In Texas

Published 01/05/20

Bless Ye Merry Genitalia Men

Published 12/29/19

Everyone Is Bad But We're Good

Published 12/22/19

The Nutting Professor

Published 12/15/19

My Give-A-Damn's Busted

Published 12/08/19

Fat Bastard Sings The Hits!

Published 12/01/19

Jay Lenos Jeans

Published 11/24/19

Swapcast! Leaving The Jail

Published 11/21/19

Mad Max: Fury Chode

Published 11/17/19

120° Port-O-Potty Jerkfest

Published 11/10/19

Happy Halloween Bitches

Published 11/03/19

Teaches Of Peaches

Published 10/27/19

Brain Jail Night Court

Published 10/20/19

Tyler Perry Presents: Brain Jail

Published 10/13/19

Live From The Short Bus

Published 10/06/19

Coward Jail (Brain Jail/Coward Hour Cross Over)

Published 10/04/19

No Tears In Hell

Published 09/29/19

Matt & Shanes Secret Podcast

Published 09/22/19

Happy Days, Happy Feet, Happy Gilmore

Published 09/16/19

Ben Vs Kevin

Published 09/09/19

Columbine Caddyshack

Published 09/01/19

CisGenders Infinity War

Published 08/26/19

Johnny Cool Guy WeedPorn

Published 08/19/19

The Testimony Of Ben Avery

Published 08/12/19

I Don't Go On 8 Chan!!!

Published 08/07/19

Treasure Chest Of Pornography

Published 08/05/19

The Squeaky Clean Episode

Published 07/30/19

The Gang Gets Racist

Published 07/22/19

Noah Findling

Published 07/22/19

Just Three Boys In Brain Jail

Published 07/13/19

I Didn't Touch That

Published 07/13/19

Complex Idiots

Published 07/13/19

Panic Attack # 1

Published 07/13/19

Daddy's Hands

Published 07/13/19