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On the Chess, not Checkers Podcast, Armando Pantoja discusses strategies to change to create and build wealth in any market under any circumstance via stocks, investing, passive income and business building. During Chess, not Checkers, we also answer a variety of investment and business growth questions from our community.

Chess, not Checkers is a new, mind bending look into investing, business and money management strategies.

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Crypto Crash, Real Estate And Taxes.

Published 05/13/2021
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Doge, Safemoon, Crypto & Market Cycles & Stocks

Published 05/10/2021
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DogeCoin, NIO & Amazon And Selling Strategy

Published 05/06/2021
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Undervalued Stocks And The Short Term Future Of Crypto

Published 04/26/2021
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Strategy Sunday: Riot, Pharmaceutical Stocks, Bitcoin And Managing Debt

Published 12/14/2020
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Strategy Sunday: NIO, RIOT And Grayscale Bitcoin Trust.

Published 12/07/2020
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Ballin' Out Of Control: Financial Literacy, Generation Wealth & Real Estate With Basketball Legend Josh Childress

Published 12/04/2020
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Strategy Sunday: Predictions For RIOT, NIO & Market Crash Coming

Published 12/02/2020
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Strategy Sunday: NIO, Peloton, Bitcoin & The Midas Touch

Published 11/24/2020
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Strategy Sunday: NIO, Bitcoin And Riot

Published 11/17/2020
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Strategy Sunday: Cashing In On The Biden Win

Published 11/10/2020
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Election Money: Stock Market Strategy Based On The Outcome Of The Election

Published 11/02/2020
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Generational Wealth: Blueprint In A Pandemic

Published 10/27/2020
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Stock Market Psychology & Dealing With Emotions

Published 10/21/2020
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NIO, Tesla And Easy Money Next Week

Published 10/20/2020
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Stock Options, Amazon Split & Straddlin'

Published 10/19/2020
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Easy Money: NIO, The Psychology Of The Market, The Abundance Mindset

Published 10/15/2020
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REITS & Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Published 10/12/2020
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"How To Increase Your Salary For Further Investments" W/ Melissa Audriana

Published 10/07/2020
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The Election, Small Market Crash & Taxes

Published 10/06/2020
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Money, Stocks & Having The Right Mindset

Published 09/29/2020
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Money Monday Ep. 2 "Stocks, IPOs And Snowflake"

Published 09/16/2020
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Exit Strategies: How Are You Going To Get Out?!?

Published 09/13/2020
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Money Monday Ep. 1 "Tesla, Apple Split And Option Plays"

Published 09/02/2020
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