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Rather than having to speak directly to a professional for your first experience when it comes to divorce or relationship issues, this podcast is built for those who are currently going through divorce, contemplating divorce, or experiencing relationship issues. My name is Arthur Ettinger, and I’ve been a matrimonial lawyer for nearly 25 years. I represent and advise clients in all aspects of matrimonial and family law, including negotiating and drafting pre and post nuptial agreements, separation agreements, litigating child custody, and complex financial issues throughout New York State.

Also, as a single dad of two amazing boys, I have first hand experience of the divorce process from the “other side of the table.” During the recent pandemic in 2020, I realized that there was a lack of content for those who are either going through, or contemplating divorce. That said, this podcast isn’t just an “end be all” of divorce. Many of our guests will be providing their years of experience and professional advice on mending or cultivating a healthy relationship. Our guests will include psychologists, therapists, accountants, financial planners, lawyers, mediators, litigants, past clients, business and thought leaders, athletes, entertainers and more.

This podcast is your resource to discover the professional and friendly advice from all walks of life to make your process not only easier and less stressful, but to remind you that you’re not alone. If you have any questions or enjoy this podcast, feel free to reach out or leave us a review!

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Published 04/01/2021
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Published 03/25/2021
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Published 03/18/2021
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What's The ROI Of A Personal Brand? - With The Handsome Homebuyer - Charles Weinraub

Published 03/11/2021
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Can You Spot A Lie? - With Father And Son Duo - Daniel And Lance Ribacoff

Published 03/04/2021
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The Client Is The Guide - With Attorney For The Child “AFC” - Phil Katz

Published 02/18/2021
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Your Child During Divorce - With Psychologist - Dr. Sharon Grand

Published 02/04/2021
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From Homeless To The New York Yankees - With Catcher For The New York Yankees - Donny Sands

Published 01/28/2021
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Your Mortgage During A Divorce - With Loan Officer - Lauren Zambelli

Published 01/21/2021
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What Is Forensic Accounting? - With Business Valuation & Forensic Acct. Expert - Mark S. Gottlieb

Published 01/07/2021
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What Is "Close To The Vest" - With My First Guest - Christina Shaw

Published 12/16/2020
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