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Rather than shying away from the horrors of crime, our brave host Amaudre faces the genre head on. Follow the next generation of true crime journalism and hear descriptions of horrific, salacious, hilarious, and always entertaining acts of crime from the perspective of a Gen Z-er.
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The Only Un-Incarcerated Living U.S. Mass School Shooters: Mitchell Johnson & Andrew Golden 🏫

Published 07/17/2021
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Luis Hernandez Vs. Christopher Soriano: The Story Behind The Viral Court Fight 👊👩🏿‍⚖️

Published 04/18/2021
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The Unsolved Horrendous Hinterkaifeck Home Invasion

Published 03/10/2021
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Why Is Mental Illness Able To Be Used As A Defense For White Men But Not Black Men?

Published 02/05/2021
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Who The Hell Is Dan Bilzerian?

Published 01/25/2021
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Who The Hell Is Paul Bilzerian?

Published 12/21/2020
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3 Unsettling Crimes That Took Place At Voting Polls

Published 12/14/2020
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When Camgirl Cravings Turn Criminal

Published 12/07/2020
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Introducing: Criminal Chaos

Published 10/31/2020
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