A Podcast Show for Helping People. After spending over 33 years in Advance Technology, IoT, AI and Security and traveling all over the world I have searched for ways to help people.This Podcast Series addressed real Issue and very real Pain. Topics I cover are [Sales, Marketing, Careers, Jobs, Unemployed, Education, Healthcare, Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Pressure and Stress, Goals & Revenue, IT, Software, Hardware] and other important topics.In life we get one chance to make something out of nothing. We get to reach for the stars and find a place in the Universe. My goal is forever helping people while having an impact on their lives.
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What Scares You Most?

Published 09/21/20

How To Pick A Platform And Services

Published 09/18/20

It's Not Bad Until You Say It's Bad

Published 09/12/20

How Do You Become A Sales Expert?

Published 09/07/20

How People Interview For Jobs

Published 09/04/20

The Three Little Piggies

Published 08/29/20

What Jobs Are Good?

Published 08/28/20

Why Using Computers, Tablets And Cell Phones Will Keep You Young

Published 08/16/20

Do You Need A College Education To Make $$$$ Millions?

Published 08/12/20

How Attitude And Adaptability Can Affect Your Next Job

Published 08/10/20

How Can People Live On $200 Dollars A Week?

Published 08/05/20

How Far Can People Go Before Exploding

Published 07/28/20

When Is No Enough

Published 07/26/20

What Equipment Makes For A Great Show

Published 07/25/20

How To Start A Podcast

Published 07/23/20

How To Become A Sales Professional And Legend

Published 07/14/20

Are You On The Front 9 Or Back 9

Published 07/14/20

How You Sound Is Everything

Published 07/12/20

How People Have More Questions Then Answers

Published 07/09/20

How Pitching Turns Me Off

Published 07/07/20

How Do You Sell Products

Published 06/29/20

Save Our Planet Bonus Track

Published 06/29/20

How Do You Know You Are Ready

Published 06/26/20

It's Not Enough To Just Be Good Anymore

Published 06/24/20

How To Restart Your Sales Career

Published 06/23/20

How To Get Subscriptions Downloads And Reviews

Published 06/12/20

Podcast Groups And Communities

Published 06/09/20

Podcast Hardware-Software Recommendations

Published 06/07/20

People Are Hurting

Published 06/01/20

Get Up

Published 05/26/20

Do You Have A Plan

Published 05/22/20

Very First Recording And Daughter Review - Bonus Track

Published 05/21/20

Never Stop Creating - Bonus Track

Published 05/18/20

Missed Opportunities

Published 05/05/20

Why Me?

Published 04/14/20

In It Together

Published 04/05/20

The New Unemployed

Published 03/23/20


Published 03/23/20

Save America, Save The World Lockdown And Panic How To Survive

Published 03/19/20

Working From Home, Lockdown

Published 03/16/20

Knowledge Is Power, So Hire People 50 And Older

Published 03/08/20

Young Adults 2020 Challenges Budgets Healthcare Goals

Published 02/12/20

Winning Or Losing

Published 01/09/20

It Was Never About The MONEY

Published 11/18/19

Back In The Day

Published 11/09/19

Getting Into Sales

Published 11/05/19

Stop Letting Society Dictate Your Career And Path In Life

Published 10/31/19

Anxiety And Panic Attacks In The Workplace

Published 10/15/19

Helping People Is What's Important In Life

Published 10/07/19

Searching For Work

Published 09/21/19

Balance, Do You Have It?

Published 09/20/19

Your Past Vs. Your Future

Published 09/10/19

New Hires And New Interviews

Published 09/06/19

What Really Pisses Me Off

Published 09/02/19

Dr Alan Braddock Ph.D., A Customer Experience

Published 08/26/19

Want To Be A Runner

Published 08/07/19

We All Want To Be Stars

Published 07/20/19

Your Journey

Published 07/16/19

Can't Take The HEAT

Published 07/05/19

What's Stopping You

Published 07/02/19

They All Want To Be YOU

Published 07/02/19

What's Killing Your Career?

Published 06/27/19

Giving Up

Published 06/25/19

What Makes The Top Sales People So Good

Published 06/19/19

People, Important Things In Life

Published 06/19/19

Daughter And Dad Conversation

Published 06/06/19