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That sounds like a fun and educational podcast concept! Mixing comedy with informative content can make the subject matter more engaging for a wide range of listeners. When science meets engineering, it results in the practical application of scientific knowledge to design, create, and optimize real-world solutions. Engineers use scientific principles to develop technologies, solve problems, and build innovative systems, bridging the gap between theory and tangible advancements that shape our world and improve our lives.  
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#8 - The Angers Suspension Bridge

Published 11/26/2023
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#7 - The Yarmouth Suspension Bridge

Published 11/19/2023
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#6 - The Broughton Suspension Bridge

Published 11/13/2023
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#5 - The Kingston Fossil Plant Spill

Published 11/05/2023
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#4 - The Wisconsin Butter Fire

Published 10/29/2023
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#3 - The Dublin Whiskey Fire

Published 10/22/2023
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#2 - The London Beer Flood

Published 10/15/2023
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#1 - The Great Molasses Flood

Published 10/08/2023
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