Hypnosis-Everywhere with Ines Simpson explores, dissects, discusses and opens up the world of Hypnosis. You will discover that Hypnosis is a very big world indeed. In Hypnosis-Everywhere, Ines offers you tools and answers to deal with that tricky mind of yours, and proven ways to enrich your life.brbr

Fears, Anxieties, Phobias, PTSD, Body health, Mind Health, Spiritual Health are just some of the things Hypnosis works for. Hypnosis-Everywhere is a show about our minds and the miracles we can achieve for ourselves and each other

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Season Finale - Where We've Been Where We Are Going

Published 07/15/2020
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Control? How Much Control Do We Really Need?

Published 07/08/2020
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Hypnosis-Everywhere - Bob Burns- The Swan And Beyond!!

Published 07/01/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson070120.mp3

Journey To Your Within With Aaron McCormick

Published 06/24/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson062420.mp3

The Possibilities Of Past Lives And Reincarnation

Published 06/17/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson061720.mp3

Heavenly Happy And Healthy

Published 06/10/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson061020.mp3

Freddy Jacquin-The Power Of Love In Influencing Our Perception.

Published 06/03/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson060320.mp3

Scarcity And Abundance In The Mind?

Published 05/27/2020
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By Request - Ghosts 2!!!

Published 05/20/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson052020.mp3

Hypnosis And New Zealand And Justine Lette

Published 05/13/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson051320.mp3

Mediums, Messages And Intuition

Published 05/06/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson050620.mp3

And When Its Over - Then What?

Published 04/29/2020
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Encore Hypnosis - Whats New!! And Where Its Going!!

Published 04/22/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson100318.mp3

Adventures In Consciousness

Published 04/15/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson041520.mp3

Ghosts Dead Or Alive??

Published 04/08/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson040820.mp3

April 1st And This Time Next Year ...

Published 04/01/2020
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Published 03/25/2020
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The Anatomy Of A Hypnosis Session

Published 03/18/2020
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And They Said Hypnosis Would Never Work!!

Published 03/11/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson031120.mp3

Revisiting Mesmer, Mesmerism And All That!

Published 03/04/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson030420.mp3

The World's Fastest Hypnotist- Really?

Published 02/26/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson022620.mp3

Hypnosis Everywhere - Goes Brasilian!!

Published 02/19/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson021920.mp3

Early Valentine's Day With Kaz Riley - Founder Of Sexual Freedom Hypnosis Therapy

Published 02/12/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson021220.mp3

What Does It Mean To Use Intuitive Hypnosis?

Published 02/05/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson020520.mp3

Life After Trauma

Published 01/29/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson012920.mp3

Insights From East And West ( USA) Hypnosis And More

Published 01/22/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson012220.mp3

Hypnosis Takes On Sex, Porn And Entities!!

Published 01/15/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson011520.mp3

An Anniversary Of Sorts And Gender Issues!!

Published 01/08/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson010820.mp3

Encore Dr Bruce Lipton And How Our Thoughts Can Impale Or Empower

Published 01/01/2020
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson040319.mp3

Encore The Human Side Of Being A Shaman

Published 12/25/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson041019.mp3

Digging In To The Science Of It All

Published 12/18/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson121819.mp3

Taking It To The Streets!! How Street Hypnosis Changes A Life

Published 12/11/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson121119.mp3

Belief ,Trust And Forgiveness - How Do You Get Them Things - Solid ??

Published 12/04/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson120419.mp3

Encore: More Astounding Hypnosis Being Utilized In The Medical Arena

Published 11/27/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson013118.mp3

Wendie Webber Talks To Us About 'Answer Cancer' And More

Published 11/20/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson112019.mp3

Hypnosis-Everywhere With Melissa Tiers

Published 11/13/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson111319.mp3

Talking About Talking To Change Your Life

Published 10/30/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson103019.mp3

Modern Hypnosis Adventures And Where That Is Taking Us

Published 10/23/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson102319.mp3

What One Person Can Do - Gabi Laszinger

Published 10/16/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson101619.mp3


Published 10/09/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson100919.mp3

Hypnosis International - With Stin-Niels Musche

Published 10/02/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson100219.mp3

Encore: This The Patient Whisperers And How To Use Verbal Medicine

Published 09/25/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson101718.mp3

Lance Baker Guiding Your Intention

Published 09/18/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson091819.mp3

Exploration Of The Mind With Jacquie Balogh

Published 09/11/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson091119.mp3

Modern Hypnosis - An Astounding Adventure

Published 09/04/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson090419.mp3

Hypnosis Down Under Studies In Wonder Tony Kyprios

Published 08/28/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson082819.mp3

Bob Burns - Returns!! Beyond The Swan

Published 08/21/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson082119.mp3

The Mind - Exploring The Boundaries

Published 08/14/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson081419.mp3

Mesmerism - The Power Behind Modern Hypnosis?

Published 08/07/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson080719.mp3

A New Season, A New Level - Higher And Deeper

Published 07/31/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson073119.mp3

The Human Side Of Being A Shaman

Published 04/10/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson041019.mp3

Dr Bruce Lipton And How Our Thoughts Can Impale Or Empower

Published 04/03/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson040319.mp3

Re Creating Our Lives - Exploring The Options For Positive Change

Published 03/27/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson032719.mp3

Hypnosis - On The Wild Side!!

Published 03/20/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson032019.mp3

Getting Straight With The Mind Body And Soul

Published 03/13/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson031319.mp3

Working On A Better Plan!!

Published 03/06/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson030619.mp3

A Session In Hypnosis - What Makes It Work?

Published 02/27/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson022719.mp3

Hypnosis- Going For The Higher Mind!

Published 02/20/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson022019.mp3

Hypnosis And Healing In Lebanon

Published 02/13/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson021319.mp3

The Intersecting Worlds Of Hypnosis And Your Reality

Published 02/06/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson020619.mp3

Nicole Wackernagel -the Energetic Excited Hypnotist

Published 01/30/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson013019.mp3

Creating A Lifestyle Of Health With Hypnosis

Published 01/23/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson012319.mp3

Exploring The World Of A Shaman- With My Friend Gary George

Published 01/16/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson011619.mp3

In Depth Look - Hypnosis Tools - Regression

Published 01/09/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson010919.mp3

The Amazing Sara Herring

Published 01/02/2019
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson010219.mp3

Encore: Hypnosis-Everywhere- Opening Show-it All Starts Here

Published 12/26/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson010318.mp3

Looking Forward And Backward At Hypnosis-Everwhere

Published 12/19/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson121918.mp3

Encore: Sexual Dysfunction, Sexual Function In The World Of Hypnosis

Published 12/12/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson080118.mp3

Open Free Wheeling Hypnosis Chat

Published 12/05/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson120518.mp3

Encore: Breaking Through The Pain Barrier

Published 11/28/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson060618.mp3

It's All About The Journey

Published 11/21/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson112118.mp3

Encore: Hypnosis Is An Inside Job - Rewiring The Brain For Change

Published 11/14/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson031418.mp3

Feel Good - Hypnosis From N Ireland

Published 11/07/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson110718.mp3

Encore: Episode 3 - Hypnosis- Health And Lasers!

Published 10/31/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson011718.mp3

'Listen- It's All In Your Mind!!'

Published 10/24/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson102418.mp3

This The Patient Whisperers And How To Use Verbal Medicine

Published 10/17/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson101718.mp3

Parent And Child And The Hypnosis There!!

Published 10/10/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson101018.mp3

Hypnosis - Whats New!! And Where Its Going!!

Published 10/03/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson100318.mp3

The Power Of Women In The World Of Hypnosis

Published 09/26/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson092618.mp3

How To Teach Your Child To Dream Big And Love Learning

Published 09/19/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson091918.mp3

What We Do To Ourselves With Our Minds.And How That Can Be Great

Published 09/12/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson091218.mp3

Rafael Baltresca - The Subconscious Aspects Of Success

Published 08/29/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson082918.mp3

All About Tom Nicoli - Master Hypnotist

Published 08/22/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson082218.mp3

Venturing Again Into The World Of Kink,Non Kink,Sex And Hypnosis

Published 08/15/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson081518.mp3

With Tony Kyprios- The Change Maker!!

Published 08/08/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson080818.mp3

Sexual Dysfunction, Sexual Function In The World Of Hypnosis

Published 08/01/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson080118.mp3

Hypnosis In The 'real' World - Examples That May Suprise You!!

Published 07/25/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson072518.mp3

Consider The Convention - Talking About Hypnosis Diversity

Published 07/18/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson071818.mp3

The Return Of Bob Burns And What That Means For The World

Published 07/11/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson071118.mp3

Re-evaluate, Re-capitulate And Re- Mind. What You May Have Missed

Published 06/27/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson062718.mp3

Travelling The World With Hypnosis - Live From Germany!!

Published 06/20/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson062018.mp3

Hypnosis In 'the City'- Dealing With Angst And Stress In London Biz

Published 06/13/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson061318.mp3

Breaking Through The Pain Barrier

Published 06/06/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson060618.mp3

On Dreams And Other Imaginings

Published 05/30/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson053018.mp3

Travelling The World With Hypnosis - Why Not!!

Published 05/23/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson052318.mp3

Hypnosis And Natural Painless Childbirth

Published 05/16/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson051618.mp3

The Amazing World Of Hypnosis, Mentalism And Rob De Groof

Published 05/09/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson050918.mp3

Breaking The Pain Barrier

Published 05/02/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson050218.mp3

Creating The Largest FREE Resource For And About Hypnosis

Published 04/25/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson042518.mp3

Exploring A New Paradigm In Hypnosis - The Simpson Protocol

Published 04/18/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson041818.mp3

The World's Fastest Hypnotist!!

Published 04/11/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson041118.mp3

Making It Personal - Interview And Chat With Ines Simpson

Published 04/04/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson040418.mp3

Larry A Cheryl Elman - Dave Elman And Hypnosis Changes

Published 03/28/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson032818.mp3

Mindset, Marketing And Change In The World Of Hypnosis

Published 03/21/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson032118.mp3

Hypnosis Is An Inside Job - Rewiring The Brain For Change

Published 03/14/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson031418.mp3

Mind Body Approaches For Kids - Kelley T. Woods

Published 03/07/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson030718.mp3

Now Please Welcome To The Stage...

Published 02/28/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson022818.mp3

Hypnosis, Hypnodontics And Broken Hearts!!

Published 02/21/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson022118.mp3

We Are The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Published 02/14/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson021418.mp3

Bob Brenner Reveals The REAL Jerry Kein!!

Published 02/07/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson020718.mp3

More Astounding Hypnosis Being Utilized In The Medical Arena

Published 01/31/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson013118.mp3

Hypnosis And The Medical Community

Published 01/24/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson012418.mp3

Episode 3 - Hypnosis- Health And Lasers!

Published 01/17/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson011718.mp3

Episode 2

Published 01/10/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson011018.mp3

Hypnosis-Everywhere- Opening Show-it All Starts Here

Published 01/03/2018
Download directly at https://cdn.voiceamerica.com/health/011840/simpson010318.mp3