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Into the Fix is Dr. Ward’s new podcast. The goal of this podcast is to take the lessons and insights that Dr. Ward routinely conveys to clients in therapy and present them in brief way that listeners can then use to reflect and make changes in their life, Into the Fix cuts through the noise and provides insight you can use in 15 minutes or less.

This is a Professional podcast!
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Episode 9- Just Focus On Yourself

Published 10/18/2021
Download directly at https://api.spreaker.com/download/episode/47029416/episode_9_just_focus_on_yourself.mp3

Episode 8- Strengths And Weaknesses

Published 10/11/2021
Download directly at https://api.spreaker.com/download/episode/46923246/episode_8_strengths_and_weaknesses.mp3

Episode 7- Logic And Emotions

Published 10/04/2021
Download directly at https://api.spreaker.com/download/episode/46816036/episode_7_logic_and_emotions.mp3

Episode 6- Watch What You Say

Published 09/27/2021
Download directly at https://api.spreaker.com/download/episode/46708849/episode_6_watch_what_you_say.mp3

Episode 5-Happiness And Contentment

Published 09/20/2021
Download directly at https://api.spreaker.com/download/episode/46602968/episode_5_happiness_and_contentment.mp3

Episode 4: Use What You Have

Published 09/13/2021
Download directly at https://api.spreaker.com/download/episode/46499077/episode_4_use_what_you_have.mp3

Episode 3: You're Not Special; You're Unique.

Published 09/07/2021
Download directly at https://api.spreaker.com/download/episode/46413442/special_or_unique.mp3

Episode 2: Taking Control

Published 08/30/2021
Download directly at https://api.spreaker.com/download/episode/46302944/episode_2_taking_control.mp3

Episode 1: Introduction

Published 08/30/2021
Download directly at https://api.spreaker.com/download/episode/46301164/introduction.mp3