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Mental Podcast is a show dedicated to individuals and mental health professionals; providing support, information, and some candid conversation along the way. The show is hosted by Michelle Collins and Seth Showalter.
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09. Resiliency W/ Will Harrison

Published 01/14/2023
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08. Yin And Yang With Jason Scalora

Published 01/07/2023
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07. Overcoming A History Of Abuse W/ Nicolette Smith

Published 12/24/2022
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06. Becoming Your True Self With Brent Schebler

Published 12/18/2022
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05. Surviving Complex Trauma With Joanne McAfee Maldonado

Published 12/11/2022
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04. Unearthing Human Behavior With Matthew Distefano

Published 12/03/2022
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03. Laughter And Authenticity With Shelly Belly Comedy

Published 11/19/2022
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02. Behind The Blue Line W. Retired Police Lawrence D

Published 11/13/2022
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01. I'm Back!

Published 10/17/2022
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Archived: Meet The Host

Published 03/15/2020
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