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Mind-Body Solution with Dr. Tevin Naidu is a mental health podcast dedicated to understanding the human mind in its ordered and disordered state. Dr. Tevin Naidu provides easily accessible mental health related information to the public that is unbiased, evidence-based and up-to-date. Please join him on this consciousness raising adventure as we get closer to the Mind-Body Solution!

Dr. Tevin Naidu is a mental health practitioner, philosopher and presenter (best known as the television host of Eastern Mosaic and Mela).

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Nicholas Humphrey: Illusionism Or Phenomenal Surrealism? The Magic Of Consciousness & Sentience

Published 08/09/2021
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Keith Frankish: Illusion Of Phenomenal Consciousness & Ethical Implications Of Illusionism

Published 08/02/2021
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Lisa Feldman Barrett: Hierarchical Bayesian Brains & The Imposition Of Functions, Value & Meaning

Published 07/25/2021
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Michael Graziano: Evolution Of Consciousness, Attention Schemas & A Theory Of Subjective Experience

Published 07/12/2021
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Mind-Body Solution

Published 06/03/2021
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