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Evan “The Biz” is a self-made successful entrepreneur that has embraced his “New York City hustle” & out-of-the-box thinking to become a business mogul in various fields, including: e-commerce, digital marketing (branding/advertising), real estate (flipping/developing), manufacturing, inventing/patents, film/TV/music & business consulting. His podcast “Mind Your Biz” features A-list celebrity guests, Fortune 500 CEOs & experts in all industries. He also invites the audience to do one-on-one consults for startups & businesses of all sizes, delivering his message “SUCCESS w/o BS”.
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Isabelle Donola (fashion Designer, @isabelledonola)

Published 01/05/2021
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Margaret Cho (comic/activist, @margaret_cho)

Published 12/28/2020
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George Lopez (comic/actor, @georgelopez)

Published 12/21/2020
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