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The New York City Podcast Network presents the Misfit Marketing is the Only Marketing Podcast that helps to drive ROT, your Return on Time for your business. This podcast helps build your business much faster, so this is for marketing people and small and medium business owners.

Listen to this podcast to improve profitable digital marketing campaigns and build better brands online. Multi-business owner Ken Pointer leads the way. He is the founder of the Misfit Marketing agency who specialise in running and building YouTube Channels that drive sales and leads for their clients. Increasing profit and decreasing marketing spend is the aim of the game here. If you are interested in Video Marketing, Online Advertising or YouTube Marketing this podcast is a must-listen!

This is a Professional podcast!
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15 episodes!!!

The Power Of Challenges... No Really!

Published 09/25/20

3 Ways To Save Time Creating Content For Your Business

Published 09/17/20

Why Your Channel Isn't Growing (And How To FIX It)

Published 09/10/20

Secrets To Scripting Like A Pro

Published 09/03/20

This Is What A Successful YouTube Channel Looks Like

Published 08/29/20

Thinking Of Starting A YouTube Channel?... Listen To This

Published 08/20/20

THE ROI PROCESS (How To Launch A Profitable Product From YouTube)

Published 08/13/20

The Untold Secret To Monetizing Your YouTube Channel

Published 08/06/20

How To Create Raving Fans For Your Business (QUICKLY)

Published 07/30/20

How To Grow Your Views, Subscribers And Your Business

Published 07/23/20

How To Create Amazing Content That Grows Your Following AND Your Business

Published 07/16/20

The ONE THING That Will Grow Your Business Faster In 2020

Published 07/09/20

Create Better Videos To Grow Your Business (The ABC's Of Video)

Published 07/09/20

What Is Misfit Marketing?

Published 07/09/20

Welcome To Misfit Marketing

Published 07/05/20