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Justin Fontenelle is a well-rounded investor that has flipped over 500 properties in his career. He will be discussing all types of investments in business and real estate.
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008. Interview With Dalton Criswell, Retail Business Owner And Fitness Enthusiast

Published 10/03/2021
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007. Interview With Rich Salem, My Business Partner And Real Estate Investor For 10+ Years

Published 09/05/2021
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006. Interview With Scott Henson, Investment Real Estate Agent, Digital Marketer, And 20+ Years Experience In Sales

Published 08/29/2021
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005. Interview With Real Estate Investor, Mentor, And Legacy Builder, Kerry Lampkin

Published 08/22/2021
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Episode 004: Interview With Social Media Manager, Business Owner, And Of Course My Fiancé, Chelsie Dzbanski

Published 08/08/2021
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Episode 003: Interview With Entrepreneur, Professional Photographer And Friend, Michael Saadi

Published 08/01/2021
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Episode 002: Starting In Real Estate With No Money

Published 07/25/2021
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001. Tips For New Real Estate Investors

Published 07/12/2021
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