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Making light of everything serious in Washington DC and beyond. Absurd conversations with outrageous song parodies. Two Dumbasses from Portland Oregon.

Your Hosts: Glenn lee alan Davis and Erik Dee Fullmer take on all things Democrat, Republican and Independent.

An honest quirky take on politics today. You will laugh and you will think.

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#6 Facebook Overran By Russian Bots, Whitehouse Double Standard & What Is A Caucus?

Published 02/18/2020
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#5 We Still Need Justice Reform For Young Adults. Impeachment Is The End Times.

Published 01/28/2020
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#4 Tariff Money Conspiracy, Homeless Problems And Of Course IRAN

Published 01/14/2020
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#3 Google Facebook And Your Tax Cut All Suck! How To Deal With Iran And Meatloaf

Published 01/07/2020
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#2 Racial Insensitivity, Impeachment And The Democratic Candidates - Who's Left?

Published 12/31/2019
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#1 Is The Economy Really So Great? Am I Ready For Death Threats?

Published 12/29/2019
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