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A podcast show for parents who want their children to grow up financially smart or free. Eric Yard is the host and he’s here to talk about old, present and future ways of managing and creating money for the young to learn so that parents can teach it to them.
This can be instilled into to our children at a young age and carried with them until is time to leave the nest.Some of the topics like how to teach kids to use credit cards responsibly, how to teach your child about investing, ways to teach kids about money, how to teach your children about debt, and other tips that will help your child put their best foot forward in life. The show is a mix of interviews and solo shows from Eric that you will want to bring your pen and paper for. Hit subscribe if your ready to teach your child to be the best they can be financially!
This is a Professional podcast!
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Music Can Help Learning Financial Literacy

Published 01/21/2021
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What Little Business I Can Start At Home?

Published 01/14/2021
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Teaching Our Children Confidence

Published 01/07/2021
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The Year End Wrap Up!

Published 12/31/2020
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How To Teach My Child To Save?

Published 12/24/2020
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How Can You Use Real Estate To Build Wealth?

Published 12/16/2020
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Teach Your Kids To Fail

Published 12/10/2020
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What Are Good Assets To Have For Your Children?

Published 12/03/2020
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Teach Your Children About Investing

Published 11/26/2020
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Teach Your Children Gratitude

Published 11/19/2020
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Teach Your Children How To Run A Business

Published 11/12/2020
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What Age Should You Start Teaching Financial Lessons?

Published 11/05/2020
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Empowering Your Child.

Published 11/05/2020
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Why Is Financial Literacy Important?

Published 11/05/2020
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Welcome To Raising Financial Freedom!

Published 08/17/2020
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