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A show about varying topics hosted by one carefree man in his thirties. Brace yourself as Randy makes a list and flows off the cuff. ’80s TV, gardening, and board games are just some of the subjects featured on Random Top Five.

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Ep.21 – SNL Sketches – Cody Gidley

Published 05/11/2021
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/570/ep-21-snl-sketches.mp3

Ep.20 – Female Recording Artists – W/ Jazmin Kylene

Published 05/04/2021
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/568/ep-20-female-recording-artists.mp3

Ep.19 – Social Norms– W/ Josh Schultz

Published 04/26/2021
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/567/ep-19-social-norms.mp3

Ep.18 – Comic Book Movies– W/ Matt Merys

Published 04/20/2021
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/564/ep-18-comic-book-movies.mp3

Ep.17 – Netflix Originals– W/ Tempest Henderson

Published 04/13/2021
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/548/ep-17-netflix-originals.mp3

Ep.16 – MCU Superheroes– W/ Matt And Leslie

Published 04/06/2021
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/535/ep-16-mcu-superheroes.mp3

Ep.15 – Lesbian Movies – W/ Meredith Chin

Published 03/30/2021
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/525/ep-15-lesbian-movies.mp3

Ep.14 – Embracing Asian Cuisine – W/ Mareike

Published 03/16/2021
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/492/ep14-embracing-asian-cuisine.mp3

Ep.13 – Staying Sustainable W/ Maya Eve

Published 03/09/2021
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/487/ep13-staying-sustainable.mp3

Ep.12 – Uses For Bread W/ Michelle Timm

Published 03/02/2021
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/470/ep12-uses-for-bread.mp3

Ep.11 – Peanut Butter Snacks W/ Henry Steelhammer

Published 02/23/2021
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/431/ep11-peanut-butter-snacks.mp3

Ep.10 – Stan Lee Cameos W/ Nick Costanza

Published 02/16/2021
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/424/ep10-stan-lee-cameos.mp3

Ep.9 – Shark Horror Movies W/ Dr. Flannery Wilson

Published 02/09/2021
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/391/ep9-shark-horror-movies.mp3

Ep.8 – Donuts! W/ Jeff Nolasco

Published 02/02/2021
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/354/ep8-donuts.mp3

Ep.7 – Potty Talk Part 2 W/ Natalie Guerra

Published 01/26/2021
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/251/ep6-potty-talk-pt2.mp3

Ep.6 – Potty Talk Part 1 W/ Natalie Guerra

Published 01/19/2021
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/186/ep6-potty-talk-pt1.mp3

Ep.5 – A Year In Japan Part 2 – W/ Andrea D.

Published 01/12/2021
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/178/ep5-japan-pt1.mp3

Ep.4 – A Year In Japan Part 1 – W/ Andrea D.

Published 01/05/2021
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/155/ep4-japan-pt1.mp3

Ep.3 – Board Games – W/ Jono Hunter

Published 12/29/2020
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/98/ep3-board-games.mp3

Ep.2 – The Cycle Of Life Podcast – W/ Andrew Junge And Dale

Published 12/22/2020
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/80/ep2-fitness-podcast.mp3

Ep.1 – ’80s TV Shows – W/ Mark Marino

Published 12/22/2020
Download directly at https://thestoryneverends.com/Topfive/podcast-download/74/ep1-80s-tv-shows.mp3