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I’m Susana, and I am documenting the process of building my own empire, freeing myself from the shackles, and creating a legacy for the future. Join my journey to financial independence, where I share the exact steps I am taking and that you can easily apply to get to your financial freedom. Ready?

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[Discover]: Allison Baggerly Untangles Realistic Budgeting, Paying Off Debt & Investing | S01E13

Published 09/05/2021
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[CryptoNews]: Twitter Looking To Adopt Bitcoin Lightning Network For Tipping Service, Honduras Opens First Crypto ATM & More!

Published 09/04/2021
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[CryptoNews]: Visa Purchased A CryptoPunk NFT For $160,000, Missouri Mayor Wants To Give Residents $1000 In Bitcoin & More!

Published 08/27/2021
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[GetSkilled]: The Backbone Of All Crypto, Blockchain Technology Explained | S01E12

Published 08/22/2021
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[CryptoNews]: President Biden Picks PoW Over PoS, Bitcoin And Ethereum Soar As Crypto Market Cap Exceeds $1.8 Trillion & More!

Published 08/13/2021
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[Discover]: NFTs As Creative Investments - With Decentricity From Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia | S01E11

Published 08/08/2021
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[CryptoNews]: Mastercard Outlines Plans For Cryptocurrencies, Ethereum's London Hard Fork Has Arrived, & More.

Published 08/07/2021
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[GetSkilled]: Setting Your Financial Goals 101 | S01E10

Published 08/01/2021
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[Discover]: Insights Into Budgeting & Side Hustle Ideas - With Emma, From @trade__em | S01E09

Published 07/25/2021
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[GetSkilled]: Financial Screenshot: Evaluating Your Net Worth, Debt Levels, Financial Goals, Savings & Investment | S01E08

Published 07/18/2021
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[Discover]: Bitcoin Maximalist Discusses Bitcoin's Potential - With Caio Faustino | S01E07

Published 07/11/2021
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[Discover]: Gamestop. What Really Happened - With Dirk-Jan Beemsterboer | S01E06

Published 07/04/2021
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[Discover]: The Truth About Money, Debt & Inflation For Millennials - With Pello Arrese | S01E05

Published 06/27/2021
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[Discover]: Long Term Investing - With Ivan Cantero | S01E04

Published 06/20/2021
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[GetSkilled]: Choosing Your Investments According To Your Risk Appetite - Lost On Wall Street | S01E03

Published 06/14/2021
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[GetSkilled]: The Secret To Wealth Is Compound Interest | S01E02

Published 06/08/2021
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[GetSkilled]: Own Your Personal Finances (part 1) | S01E01

Published 06/01/2021
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Pilot: Let's Talk About Money

Published 05/30/2021
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