My podcast features interviews with actors and creators of Sci-Fi, horror, comic and fantasy movies, novels, and television content. Interviews run on Mondays (uploaded Sundays) and later in the week is my weekly magazine interview podcast, Time Capsule. (Uploaded on Thursday evenings) . Coverage includes the Tribeca Film Festival, New York Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con. Monthly on Wednesdays airs a pop and geek culture podcast called Everything Geek with Tim Beyers of The Full Bleed, Justin Cavender of Geek Legacy and Rod Faulkner of The Seventh Matrix. There’ are also a monthly recap of all the previous months interviews featured on Time Capsule plus several best of podcasts available Wednesdays

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Byte Rami Malek

Published 07/07/20

Trends Episode 6 ET'S And UFO'S Part3

Published 07/06/20

Byte David Morrisey And Danai Guirra

Published 07/05/20

Byte Matt Frewer

Published 07/04/20

Trends Episode 5 ET's And UFO's Part2

Published 07/03/20

Byte Caroline Williams

Published 07/02/20

Trends Episode 4 Part 1 ET's And UFO's

Published 07/01/20

Byte Wakanda Composers

Published 06/30/20

The 11th Green

Published 06/29/20

Byte Brad Dourif On Lord Of The Rings

Published 06/28/20

Byte Chris Cornwell

Published 06/27/20


Published 06/26/20

Byte Harry Treadway

Published 06/25/20

The Curse Of Tecumseh

Published 06/24/20

Byte You Should Have Left

Published 06/23/20


Published 06/22/20

Byte Enrico Colatoni

Published 06/21/20

Byte Keith David On The Thing

Published 06/20/20

Herbie J Pilato On Bionics

Published 06/19/20

Byte Guillermo Del Toro

Published 06/18/20

JR Harber

Published 06/17/20

Byte Brian Henson

Published 06/16/20

Bill Oberst Jr

Published 06/15/20

Byte James Gurney

Published 06/14/20

Byte Leah Thompson

Published 06/13/20

Time Capsule Episode 365

Published 06/12/20

Byte Rian Johnson

Published 06/11/20

Black Widow On Serial Box

Published 06/10/20

Byte Salem

Published 06/09/20

Jose Altonaga

Published 06/08/20

Byte Gaming In Color

Published 06/07/20

Byte Barry Bostwick

Published 06/06/20

The End Of Quantum Reality

Published 06/05/20

Byte Gemma Chan

Published 06/04/20

Bob Blanton

Published 06/03/20

Byte Herbie J Pilato

Published 06/02/20


Published 06/01/20

Byte Ernie Hudson

Published 05/31/20

Byte Michael Rooker

Published 05/30/20

Live Episode 1

Published 05/29/20

Christopher James Baker

Published 05/29/20

Byte Matt Ryan Red Carpet

Published 05/28/20


Published 05/27/20

Byte Paranormal Witness

Published 05/26/20


Published 05/25/20

Byte Fringe The Last Season Revisited

Published 05/24/20

Byte Murderville GA

Published 05/23/20

Eliot Laurence

Published 05/22/20

Byte Peter Clines

Published 05/21/20

Lost On Planet Earth

Published 05/20/20

Byte Seth Breedlove

Published 05/19/20

James Tucker

Published 05/18/20

Byte The Elder Sign Podcast

Published 05/17/20

Byte Voyage To The Stars

Published 05/16/20

Time Capsule Episode 364

Published 05/15/20

Byte Avengers Endgame With Ann Hornaday

Published 05/14/20

Devon C. Ford

Published 05/13/20

Byte More Human Than Human

Published 05/12/20

Aleks Paunovic

Published 05/11/20

Byte David Hasselhoff

Published 05/10/20

Byte Sci-Fi Talk On Spreaker

Published 05/09/20

Keith David

Published 05/08/20

Byte Samir Ansari On The Wandering Earth

Published 05/07/20

Emily Skrutskie

Published 05/06/20

Byte Ernie Altbacker On Batman Hush

Published 05/05/20

Sheryl Lee Ralph Of Motherland Fort Salem

Published 05/04/20

Byte Matt Lanter On Star Wars Clone Wars

Published 05/03/20

Byte Sarah Douglas

Published 05/02/20

Nicole Maines Of Supergirl

Published 05/01/20

Byte Yaya Han

Published 04/30/20

Johnny Boston

Published 04/29/20

Byte Sharknado

Published 04/28/20

Kelly Murtagh

Published 04/27/20

Byte The Hunger Games Revisted

Published 04/26/20

Byte Catherine Tabor

Published 04/25/20

Patrick Seitz The Voice Of Scorpion

Published 04/24/20

Byte Clint Wallace Art Director

Published 04/23/20

Taylor Hickson

Published 04/22/20

Byte Kane Hodder

Published 04/21/20

Joy Osmanski Of Stargirl

Published 04/20/20

Byte Sara Jones Mr Jones

Published 04/19/20

Byte Michael C Hall

Published 04/18/20

Time Capsule Episode 363

Published 04/17/20

Byte Terry O' Quinn On Summer Job

Published 04/16/20

Ashley Nicole Williams

Published 04/15/20

Byte Katie McGrath On Morgana

Published 04/14/20

Amanda Tapping

Published 04/13/20

Byte Doug Jones Raze

Published 04/12/20

Byte Caity Lotz The Machine

Published 04/11/20

Demetria McKinney

Published 04/10/20

Byte Tom Kean

Published 04/09/20

Stacey L Tucker Sky Of Water

Published 04/08/20

Byte Galaxy Quest

Published 04/07/20

Natalie Sharp

Published 04/06/20

Byte Rick Howland Lost Girl

Published 04/05/20

Byte Danai Guirra My Soul To Take

Published 04/04/20

Gene An Intimate History

Published 04/03/20

Byte Anthony Zuiker

Published 04/02/20

Laura Morrison

Published 04/01/20

Byte Dr Who Runaway

Published 03/31/20

Game Changers Bruce W Timm

Published 03/30/20

Byte Occupant

Published 03/29/20

Byte Jennifer Reeder

Published 03/28/20

Brandon Campbell

Published 03/27/20

Byte Joe Mallozzi

Published 03/26/20

Code Of Rainbow

Published 03/25/20

Byte Matthew Binder

Published 03/24/20

David Kaye

Published 03/23/20

Byte Natalie Bronfman A Handmaid's Tale

Published 03/21/20

Oscars 2020 With Ann Hornaday

Published 03/20/20

Byte Marc McClure

Published 03/19/20

Jessica Sutton

Published 03/18/20

Byte The Hunt

Published 03/17/20

True Terror With Robert Englund

Published 03/16/20

Time Capsule Episode 362

Published 03/13/20

Byte Christopher Meloni

Published 03/12/20

PortalsTo Hell

Published 03/11/20

Byte Onward

Published 03/10/20


Published 03/09/20

Byte The Shipment

Published 03/07/20

Holly Bargo

Published 03/06/20

Byte Helen Slater

Published 03/05/20

Phillip Lewitski Utopia Falls

Published 03/04/20

Byte Marilee Talkington

Published 03/03/20

Cosmos Season Three

Published 03/02/20

Byte Morgan Sheppard

Published 03/01/20

Byte Kirsten Vangsness

Published 02/29/20

Ann Druyan

Published 02/28/20

The Life Below

Published 02/26/20

Byte Grey Scott On Future Of Artificial Intelligence

Published 02/25/20

Tasia Valenza

Published 02/24/20

Byte F Murrary Abraham On Star Trek Insurrection

Published 02/22/20

Craig Alanson

Published 02/21/20

Byte Lyndsy Fonseca

Published 02/20/20

The Dawn

Published 02/19/20

Byte Seven Jane

Published 02/18/20

Max Riess

Published 02/17/20

Byte Jane Badler

Published 02/16/20

Sam McCurdy

Published 02/14/20

Byte Peter DeLuise

Published 02/13/20

Byte Birds Of Prey Margot Robbie And Ewan McGregor

Published 02/12/20

Byte Good Omens

Published 02/11/20

Elizabeth Grullon

Published 02/10/20

Byte Wendy

Published 02/09/20

Time Capsule Episode 361

Published 02/07/20

Mythic Quest Ravens Banquet Special

Published 02/05/20

Byte Christopher Judge

Published 02/04/20

Kameron Hurley

Published 02/03/20

Byte Ryan Buell

Published 02/01/20

Eben Bolter

Published 01/31/20

Byte McKenzie Westmore

Published 01/30/20

Always Greener

Published 01/29/20

Byte Aaron Eisenberg

Published 01/28/20

Tiago Azevedo

Published 01/27/20

Byte William Fitchner

Published 01/26/20

Out Of The Darkness

Published 01/24/20

Byte Henry Cavill

Published 01/23/20

Charlene Amoia

Published 01/22/20

Ann Hornaday

Published 01/20/20

Byte Bruce Campell

Published 01/18/20

Byte Patrick Stewart Picard

Published 01/17/20

Clancy Brown

Published 01/17/20

Byte Colin Cunningham

Published 01/16/20

Nandi Taylor

Published 01/15/20

Byte Marco Beltrami

Published 01/14/20

Batman Beyond At 20 Special

Published 01/13/20

Byte Hunting Season

Published 01/12/20

Time Capsule Episode 360

Published 01/10/20

Byte Athena Karkanis And Parveen Kaur Of Manifest

Published 01/09/20

Manifest Season Two Special

Published 01/08/20

Byte Marlene Forte Marvel's Runaways

Published 01/07/20

Byte Top Ten Of 2019 Part Two

Published 01/06/20

Byte DJ Qualls

Published 01/05/20

Byte Rene O'Connor

Published 01/04/20

Byte Top Ten Of 2019

Published 01/03/20

Byte Jim Mickle

Published 01/02/20

Byte Frank Beddor

Published 01/01/20

Byte Brian Herbert

Published 01/01/20

Byte Ethan Phillips

Published 01/01/20

Byte Michael Dorn

Published 01/01/20

Byte Neville Kidd

Published 01/01/20

Byte Andreas Katsulas

Published 01/01/20

Byte Tom Stevens

Published 01/01/20

Marlene Forte

Published 12/29/19

The Innerworkings Episode 4 The Expanse Diversity Part Two

Published 12/26/19

Robbie Amell

Published 12/22/19

Craig Miller Star Wars Memories

Published 12/19/19

Innerworkings The Expanse Episode 3 Diversity

Published 12/18/19

The Shasta Triangle

Published 12/15/19

Time Capsule Episode 359

Published 12/12/19

Innerworkings The Expanse Episode 2 Building A Series

Published 12/11/19

The Innerworkings The Expanse Relucant Hero

Published 12/04/19

Bear McCreary

Published 12/01/19

Justina Adorno

Published 11/27/19

Madeleine Kennedy We Were Tomorrow

Published 11/24/19

Black Lightning Season Three Special

Published 11/21/19

Misha Collins Of Supernatural

Published 11/20/19

Supergirl Season Five Special

Published 11/17/19

Grey Scott On Artificial Intelligence

Published 11/13/19

The Walking Dead Sessions Episode 7

Published 11/10/19

Time Capsule Epiosde 358

Published 11/07/19

Mark Holden Of Dust Horizons

Published 11/06/19

For All Mankind Special

Published 11/03/19

Creepshow Special

Published 10/31/19

Game Changers Episode 2 Leonard Nimoy

Published 10/27/19

Sam Littlefield Batwoman

Published 10/24/19

Kim Alexander The Demon Door Series

Published 10/23/19

Trends Episode 2 Artificial Intelligence

Published 10/16/19

Marilee Talkington

Published 10/13/19

Time Capsule Episode 357

Published 10/10/19

Innerworkings Memory The Origins Of Alien

Published 10/09/19

Tricia Helfer

Published 10/03/19

Denise Crosby And Elizabeth Roberts

Published 10/02/19

Kirsten Vangsness

Published 09/29/19

Ann Hornaday On Joker And Toronto Film Festival

Published 09/26/19

Byte Joaquin Phoenix On Joker

Published 09/20/19

Ernie Altbacker Batman Hush

Published 09/19/19

Batman Hush Maury Sterling And Bruce Thomas

Published 09/19/19

Emergence Special

Published 09/18/19

Undone Special

Published 09/15/19

Jeff Annison Legion M's Saturn Award

Published 09/08/19

Time Capsule Episode 356

Published 09/05/19

Game Changers Episode 1 Ray Harryhausen

Published 08/29/19

Trends Episode 1 Superheroes

Published 08/28/19

Alitha Martinez

Published 08/25/19

Matt Peters And Alyson Stoner Talk Batman Family Values

Published 08/22/19

Melissa Bruning

Published 08/15/19

Manu Intiraymi

Published 08/11/19

Natalie Bronfman The Handmaid's Tale

Published 08/04/19

Time Capsule Episode 355

Published 08/01/19

Jason O'Mara

Published 07/31/19

Jack Bannon Of Pennyworth

Published 07/28/19

Greg Nicotero

Published 07/25/19

Meghan Kasperlik

Published 07/24/19

Cosette Jarrett On Top States For UFO Sightings

Published 07/21/19

Dr Amira Val Baker

Published 07/17/19

Kwanza Osajyefo

Published 07/14/19

Concept Artists Association

Published 07/07/19

Time Capsule Episode 354

Published 07/04/19

Something Else Special

Published 05/29/19

Tribeca Red Carpets 2019

Published 05/26/19

Tribeca VR 2019

Published 05/19/19

Jennifer Reeder

Published 05/16/19

Voyage To The Stars

Published 04/10/19

Reign Of The Supermen Special

Published 02/03/19

Star Trek Discovery Special Part Two

Published 01/27/19

Murderville GA

Published 01/17/19

Star Trek Discovery Special

Published 01/13/19

William Fichtner

Published 12/16/18

Batman The Animated Series 25th Anniversary Episode 3

Published 11/15/18

Titans Season One Special

Published 10/21/18

Sonequa Martin-Green

Published 10/14/18

Science Fair Podcast

Published 08/29/18

The Death Of Superman Voice Cast

Published 08/19/18

Barney Burman

Published 07/01/18

Dan Curry

Published 06/20/18

Jeff Russo

Published 06/17/18

Batman The Animated Series 25th Anniversary Episode 2

Published 05/20/18

Kurt Farquhar

Published 04/22/18

Michael A. Levine

Published 04/04/18

Harry Lennix

Published 01/28/18

Superhero Composers Roundtable

Published 08/27/17

Chris Longo Of Den Of Geek

Published 02/21/17

The Walking Dead Sessions Episode 6

Published 10/18/15

The Walking Dead Sessions Episode 5

Published 10/12/15

The Walking Dead Sessions Episode 4

Published 10/04/15

Fear The Walking Dead Sessions Episode 1

Published 08/23/15

Amanda Tapping

Published 04/17/15

Walking Dead Sessions Episode 3

Published 02/08/15

Walking Dead Sessions Episode 2

Published 11/02/14

Walking Dead Sessions Episode 1

Published 09/21/14

Mark Hamill

Published 03/25/13

Walking Dead Season 3 Preview Part 4

Published 10/29/12

Walking Dead Season 3 Preview Part 3

Published 10/22/12

The Walking Dead Season 3 Preview Part 2

Published 10/17/12

The Walking Dead Season 3 Preview Part 1

Published 10/15/12

James Marsters

Published 06/20/12