Your local skeptics discuss everything from flat earth to the weird dude next door.

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Quarantini Special Episode

Published 04/24/20

William Fakespeare

Published 03/11/20

The Craziest Conspiracy You've Never Heard

Published 03/03/20

Basically A Master Class (and Some Ghosts)

Published 02/25/20

A Bite Sized Episode (M&M Sized)

Published 02/18/20

Peace, Love, LSD, And Didgeridoos

Published 02/11/20

Take These Broken Wings

Published 01/21/20

Roswell That Ends Well

Published 01/14/20

You Say "Dead", I Say "No"

Published 12/17/19

Beautiful Lies

Published 12/10/19

Pickles, Pidgin People, And A Moth

Published 12/03/19

Join The Sunshine

Published 11/26/19

Cloudy With A Chance Of Conspiracy

Published 11/19/19

Houston We Have A Bobby!

Published 11/12/19

Greetings From Our Flat Earth

Published 11/05/19

Cross My Sticks B*tch!

Published 10/28/19

Searching For Real Vampires

Published 10/28/19

You, Me And The Zombie Apocalypse

Published 10/28/19