On this weekly episodic podcast, two young billionaires share their thoughts on domestic and international matters alike to stir up the masses. No topic too big or too small whether it be Kim K’s sextape success or Donald Trump’s wall. Let’s Talk About It!

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What Makes Sexuality Taboo?

Published 07/04/20

Her Body His Choice?

Published 06/27/20

Gender Roles, Gentrification & Porn?

Published 06/20/20

The Gay Episode! Enter Nathaniel

Published 06/13/20

Make Special Ed Vital! Enter Yanique

Published 06/06/20

F-Word Racism

Published 05/30/20

The 12 Universal Laws..... Enter Meech! (& The Rock)

Published 05/23/20

Voila! Hypnosis Gone Wrong

Published 05/16/20

Prelude To 4/20! Enter King Jumpa!

Published 04/26/20

Keys + Ellen Forever?

Published 04/10/20

Almost 30 With A Curfew! Enter D.K.S!

Published 03/30/20

Global Pandemic Or Global Distraction? Enter Shonte!

Published 03/18/20

The PLP's Crime Deterring Whistle!

Published 03/14/20

The Simpsons Predicted.... The Coronavirus!?

Published 03/14/20

F-Word PC Culture!

Published 03/14/20

Da Bahamian Oil! Enter Khouri

Published 03/14/20

This Is Us

Published 03/14/20

My Hero Lans

Published 03/14/20

He Would Do What For Nicki!? (Tape B)

Published 03/14/20

Surviving Chucky (Tape A)

Published 03/14/20

They Are Full Of F-Word

Published 03/14/20

He Crushed His Sac!

Published 03/14/20