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Podcast highlighting and celebrating people who make real change happen in their communities, countries, businesses, industries and beyond. These people are change agents who are already rewriting the narrative and bringing us a step closer to making the 21st century the time to be alive!

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E19: Stacey Gordon & Dr Shelton Goode - The Future Of Diversity, Equity And Inclusion

Published 03/26/2021
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E18: Lily Fothergill & Pranam Lipinski - Identity Searching With Gen Z

Published 03/19/2021
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E17: Sally Mousa - The Good Girl

Published 03/12/2021
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E16: Celia Daniels - From Bathroom To Boardroom Pt2

Published 03/05/2021
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E15: Celia Daniels - From Bathroom To Boardroom Pt1

Published 02/26/2021
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E14: Dr Suzanne Wertheim - The Power Of Language

Published 02/19/2021
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E13: Maria Axente - Ethical AI For The Future

Published 02/12/2021
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E12: Cephas Howard - Let's Bring Play Back!

Published 02/05/2021
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E11: Michael Ray - Redefining Fatherhood

Published 01/29/2021
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Season 1 - Trailer

Published 01/27/2021
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E10: Hannah Drake - A Note To White Allies Pt2

Published 01/22/2021
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E9: Hannah Drake - A Note To White Allies Pt1

Published 01/15/2021
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E8: Matteo Bergamini - Political & Media Literacy

Published 01/08/2021
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E7: Anna Collard & Greg Van Der Gaast - Cyber Savvy

Published 01/01/2021
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E6: Niani Tolbert - Hiring For Impact

Published 12/25/2020
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E5: Hayley Bennett - Striving For Equity In Sport

Published 12/18/2020
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E4: Michael Levitt - Schedule Your Wellbeing!

Published 12/11/2020
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E3: Amanda Obidike - There Are No Black People In Africa

Published 12/04/2020
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E2: Molly Watt - Accessibility For All

Published 11/26/2020
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E1: Lisa Mae Brunson - Serving The Humanity

Published 11/19/2020
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