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The Breaks Music Show” is America’s most informative new radio show highlighting the world’s best unsigned artists! Each show profiles the lives and music of three of the hottest new unsigned/independent artists in their own fifteen-minute segment! Each segment will consist of an in-depth interview and will feature up to three of their original songs. This format allows listeners the chance to get to know the featured artists. Our musical guests will have the opportunity to let the audience into their world as they discuss their own personal journey, musical influences, tragedies and often fun humorous anecdotes that have made them who they are as artists. Hosted by radio personality Ed Steele, The Breaks Music Show exposes listeners to upcoming artists not typically heard on terrestrial radio. At the Breaks, our goal is to exploit the reality that we are in a new era in the music industry, where artists no longer need a major label to be successful. “The Breaks Music Show” is poised to play a vital role in this shift by connecting new listeners to these great upcoming artists.
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