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The world of work is a world of paradox. We tackle your everyday workplace or office environment topics, challenges, or activities. We also talk about trends and strategy in business. Our end goal is to stamp out bad practices. Frank and Paul, two management professors, co-host this podcast. We encourage your participation in our podcast by asking questions or sharing your experiences with us.

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Frank & Paul Get Schooled

Published 04/06/2021
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The Four-Day Work Week

Published 03/26/2021
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The Email Paradox: Inefficient Efficiency Part 2

Published 03/18/2021
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The Email Paradox: Inefficient Efficiency

Published 03/07/2021
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BS Jobs

Published 02/08/2021
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Margin Of Error: When Good Polling Goes Bad

Published 01/26/2021
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Chasing Productivity & Creativity In WFH

Published 01/14/2021
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MBA: Masters Of Busyness Administration?

Published 01/08/2021
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Are You Too Good At Your Job?

Published 12/28/2020
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Busyness And The 40 Hour Work Week

Published 12/16/2020
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Introduction To The Busyness Paradox

Published 11/12/2020
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