Tonnisha B and TG are two female Combat Veterans who humorously co-host and tell their experiences in Afghanistan, in Iraq and in their day to day life experiences. Their conversations highlights the ups and downs of being a female in the Army, slight PTSD, Relationships, Sex, Wellness and Current Events… They do it ALL. This show will entertain, inspire, and empower and maybe entertain some more. Subscribe, Download, Rate, Review and tell all your friends!

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Justice For Vanessa Guillen

Published 07/10/20

Podcast Blackout

Published 06/05/20

Influence Vs Information

Published 04/21/20

Quarantine Life

Published 04/03/20

Together Apart: Stay Home Please

Published 03/27/20

Has Cancel Culture Gone Too Far

Published 03/10/20

Adulting 101: Top 10 Lessons In Adulting

Published 03/03/20

Sometimes, Women Get A Bad Rap

Published 02/25/20

Overcoming Stereotypes

Published 02/11/20

Since We've Been Gone

Published 02/04/20

We're Back!

Published 01/28/20

Our Story Pt. 2

Published 09/24/19

Our Story Pt. 1

Published 09/10/19

Not So Lady Like

Published 09/03/19

Kids Are People Too!

Published 08/20/19

The Brady Bunch: Concepts On A Blended Family

Published 08/13/19

Let's Recap!!

Published 08/06/19

Do Women Hate Other Women??

Published 07/30/19

Good Job Hero Pt. 3

Published 07/23/19

The Complexities Of Co-Parenting

Published 07/16/19

Why Did I Get Married Pt. 2

Published 07/09/19

Why Did I Get Married Pt.1

Published 07/02/19

Old School Gender Roles

Published 06/25/19

Maintaining Friendships After 30 EP. 36

Published 06/18/19

When Rank Is Used As A Weapon

Published 06/11/19

Top Things Women Are Tired Of Being Asked

Published 06/04/19

Why Do People Cheat???

Published 05/31/19

Happy Memorial Day!

Published 05/28/19

Growing Pains: Childhood To Adulthood

Published 05/21/19

Operation Weight Loss

Published 05/17/19

For The Mothers!

Published 05/12/19

Everyone Wants To Feel Wanted

Published 05/10/19

Awkward Positions: Sex That Is

Published 05/07/19

Part 2 Of Good Job Hero

Published 05/03/19

There Was This One Time

Published 04/30/19

Love Vs. In Love. Is There A Difference? Ep. 24

Published 04/26/19

Lights, Camera, HOMECOMING! Ep. 23

Published 04/23/19

Social Media Vs. Reality Ep. 22

Published 04/16/19

Dating Your Ex Ep.21

Published 04/12/19

As Your Life Changes, So Does Your Circle EP. 20

Published 04/09/19

The Masks We Wear Ep. 19

Published 04/05/19

Vulnerability Is Strength Ep. 18

Published 04/02/19

Ask The Combat Divas Ep. 17

Published 03/29/19

Girl Code: The Basics Ep. 16

Published 03/26/19

All Women Are Created Equal Ep. 15

Published 03/22/19

The Awkward Things We Heard In The Army Ep. 14

Published 03/19/19

Good Job Hero! Ep. 13

Published 03/15/19

Dating Men In Power Ep. 12

Published 03/08/19

Raising A Man EP. 11

Published 03/05/19

What's Your Body Count? Episode 10

Published 03/02/19

Dating Women In Power Episode 9

Published 02/26/19

When Can I Hit You? Episode 8

Published 02/22/19

Am I That F#&$ing Insecure?! Episode 7

Published 02/19/19

Sometimes... I Don't Like My Kids Episode 6

Published 02/15/19

Men Are Destructive Episode 5

Published 02/12/19

A Woman's Work Is Never Done Episode 4

Published 02/06/19

Spouse Vs Kids Episode 3

Published 02/04/19

Age Ain't Nothing But A Number Episode 2

Published 01/29/19

War Stories And Whatnot Episode 1

Published 01/29/19