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Clueless individuals who completely understand how misinformed they are. Two fearless explorers, thirty seven years of friendship, one pandemic, three thousand miles, ridiculous opinions, alcohol and weak bladders. This is the Jocular Pugilists.Jocular (adj) – humorous, funny, witty, comic, comical, amusing, chucklesome, droll, entertaining, diverting, joking, jesting, hilarious, facetious, tongue-in-cheek; playful, lighthearted, jolly, jovial, cheerful, cheery, merry, mirthful, roguish, waggish, whimsical, teasing; informal jokey; dated sportive; rare jocose, ludic. ANTONYMS solemn, serious, earnestpugilist (n) – boxer, fighter, bruiser, pug; rare ringster.

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Life Without Cell Phones - Ep #6

Published 10/20/2021
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Growing Up In The 80's Part 2 - Ep #5

Published 10/12/2021
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Empathy Is A Virtue - Ep #4

Published 10/05/2021
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Growing Up In The 80's Part 1 - Ep #3

Published 09/28/2021
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Why Does Everybody Hate What I Love? The Star Wars Episode

Published 09/21/2021
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Is It Possible To Be Completely Honest With Someone - Ep #1

Published 08/27/2021
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