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The Recorded Voice is a podcast about the voiceover career and business. It is born from a passion for the spoken word, a thirst for professional development and an obsession with audio. These conversations lift the lid on the skills, the process and the industry, helping you the voiceover artist to make better career decisions and improve the running of your business. Host Guy Michaels is very grateful to each and every guest for sharing their insights. No matter what stage you are at in your voiceover career, VOICEOVER KICKSTART can help. From the FREE 7-DAY PROGRAMME through to our thriving community, events, online workshops, specialist sessions, script workouts and more, head to: or to find out about Guy’s industry work:

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Ep 2: Audiobook Direction - The Other Side Of The Glass

Published 04/06/2021
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Ep 1: Becoming An Audiobook Narrator

Published 03/23/2021
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Another Voiceover Podcast!

Published 03/18/2021
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Published 03/16/2021
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