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Podcasts & Potholes #211

Podcasts amp Potholes Does it feel like your podcast shows are never done the way you want them a feeling like they re always under construction Think about this aren t there roads highways byways bridges and freeways that are always under construction every year there are new potholes to be filled new repairs to be made – Winter Spring Summer and Fall Well if they can t get them right and states are spending millions of dollars on construction what makes you think that your podcast is going to fare any better especially if you are not putting in much money at all Sponsorships and monetizing are always front and center of every podcaster s mind so perfection is what we seek and that is when frustration can set in nbsp Last week I had an opportunity to speak with a group of podcasters who are in the Horticulture industry and podcasting promotion ideas was the main question they had and even though I was able to provide tips such as Setting up a promotion schedule Using Social Media blogs websites and newsletter Joining Facebook Groups and Communities Re-purposing Content Going Live Collaborating with other podcasters Being consistent CTA We all felt a little frustrated by the fact that our Podcast is never really done never completed never perfect But as I stated in a previous episode of Podcasting your Purpose podcasting is not perfection you can purchase professional voice overs you can have flashy intros with Headliners or Wavve you can repurpose your content be consistent go live on YouTube or Facebook every day collaborate with other podcasters You can include a CTA at the end of each episode nbsp your podcast can be listed on Google Play iTunes Spotify Soundcloud and of course Anchor but it seems like you re always under construction Selling sponsorship or merchandise can be in the mix as well but don t beat nbsp yourself up we ve all been there and some are still there but we are all in this together don t beat yourself up just continue going forward practice practice progress Your podcast may never sound perfect but don t give up because there is always going to be a pothole to fill I offer a 30- minute Complimentary Discovery Call where we can talk about your podcast planning because if you fail to plan you plan to fail I also offer the 60-minute Mini Coaching Session for 77 and 90-minute coaching session for 97 my Workbook Podcasting Your Purpose is available on Amazon Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners book can be ordered by heading over https DelBlogger com So remember potholes and podcasts go together because they re both always under construction Blog Your Way to a Business Profit https tinyurl com Blog2Profit — Send in a voice message https anchor fm delawareblogger messageClick here to visit this podcast episode