Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is With Natalie Wynne Pace

This week on The Conscious Consultant Hour Sam welcomes author and 1 Stock Picker Natalie Wynne Pace An Advocate for Sustainability Financial Literacy Women s Empowerment Natalie is the co-creator of the Earth Gratitude project and the author of the bestsellers The Gratitude Game The ABCs of Money and Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is She has been ranked as a 1 stock picker by an independent tracking agency Natalie Pace is a top-ranked blogger for Thrive Global and Medium a repeat guest on national TV and radio shows such as CNBC Good Morning America ABC-TV and Forbes com The Earth Gratitude Project features sustainability tips from the most respected experts and visionaries on the planet including His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet H R H The Prince of Wales Elon Musk Arianna Huffington Deepak Chopra the Earth Day Network Lynne Twist Living Homes and more Download your Earth Day Gratitude ebook at earthdaygratitude com Guest Natalie Pace an Advocate for women empowerment and best-selling author She ranked as a 1 stock picker She s been a repeated quest on many national television shows She says money is a token of gratitude She believes charity is the best networking How did she become a stock picking wiz She s passionate about math She started by teaching women in Santa Monica about balancing money and stocks after their husbands had lost it all She studies the Market and speaks on going to a financial advisor and pointing out the lies She also speaks on researching a company before you invest She was able to triple her money after 9 11 happened When did this become a passion Sustainability goes hand in hand to financial literacy Her spiritual practice has set the foundation of the work that she does She starts her day with 30 minutes of meditation in the morning She talks about leaving a job that didn t align with her spiritual practice and realizing that the job wasn t worth it We have one life We show up as who we are She has taught MBA students and millionaires Market timing doesn t work There are more scams then ever right now Natalie explain how bitcoins work She uses the word crypto-currency Crypto-currency she believes will make international currency exchange easier and more accessible Gratitude Game She turns the retreat into a book that you read 1 chapter a day like the ABC s of money She felt that earth day needed a ritual For one hour everyone needed a personal net of 0 A green public school could save over 100 000 a year Avoiding something isn t having a great relationship with money Natalie is very optimistic about the future She has a retreat coming up in Arizona and has early bird pricing available It s a complete money makeover The participants will be able to save the money spent on the retreat within 1-2 months Click here to visit this podcast episode